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Short cervix, strict bed rest, no sex

Hi all, the doctor has placed me on bed rest for almost a month now due to a short cervix. I am also taking progesterone pills every day. Does anyone have any tips on surviving the bed rest? 

Re: Short cervix, strict bed rest, no sex

  • I think books n online movies will be a best way out, hand crafts, drawing and crochet will also make the time go a bit faster
  • I've been on bed rest since week 13 after getting a cerclage and also on progesterone. No sex, no long walks, basically 85% of the time in bed; I'm now 26 weeks and used to it. At first it was hard, specially since it used to be strict bed rest for the first two weeks after the cerclage but I've been spending my time doing everything from embroidery, knitting, netflix, reading, crafts, I started putting together a first year album for this little one and I'll just add photos after. My best advice would be to just keep yourself busy and try not to think too much of the time you'll spend in bed and concentrate on the reward you'll have after this sacrifice which is a baby in your arms, no amount of time spent in bed would be enough for me.
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  • I am 19 and 5 days and had a cerclage at 17weeks. I have been resting but still manage to clean around the house and cook. I keep myself busy that way. No heavy lifting or bending to much. Its pretty boring but i just think of the outcome
  • Hi all. I am currently 20 weeks. I had a cerclage put in at 12 weeks. Just last week my doctor put me on bedrest due to my cervix shortening. Im just relaxing and trying my best to make the best of it. I really would like to talk to whoever is experiencing this as well. It could be a great support system for me. 
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    Hi ladies,
    At my 20 weeks scan they measured my cervix at 16mm and said to tell my doctor. I told the doctor and he referred me to the specialist the following week. I live 3.5 hours from town in woop woop. I drove all the way there and the specialist had the demeanour of a grumpy security guard. He did a rough (insensitive ) manual examination with his hands and said it was fine, and that I had 2.5cm that he could feel. I asked him for some progesterone and he refused, saying that I don't have a history of miscarriages (its my first pregnancy). I was upset and scared to drive 3.5 hrs home just in case he was wrong. I booked in for a private ultrasound for the next afternoon. In the meantime, I had a physio appt the next morning. I told her what happened and she said there was a GP Obstetrician working in the medical centre and that I should see her. I saw the GP Obstetrician who did an ultrasound on the spot and said my cervix was 16mm. She gave me  progesterone straight away and referred me to a specialist in the main city for a week later. I had a week of bedrest then flew to the city and had my specialist appointment. She is a specialist who focuses on preterm labor prevention. She did an ultrasound and said I had 5mm of cervix left. She scheduled me for an emergency cerclage the next day. After the operation she said that there was not much cervix left to work with and the cerclage may or may not work. I have been on modified bedrest for a week exactly and am hoping for the best. There are some babies in recent times who were born at 23 weeks and survived and Im currently 23 weeks. Every day/week/month that I can stay pregnant from here onwards is a blessing. In the meantime, Ive discovered netflix, read 2 books by Leanne Moriarty and taken up knitting. Other than that?  Im enjoying the hours and hours of sleep :wink:
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