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Shaving baby's head

Hello ladies, I was wondering if any of have or plan to shave baby's birth hair. And if so when is the best time to do it? 1 month or 2 month? I found an earlier thread but it was so I couldn't ask and it didn't say when to shave it. DD#2 has it really thing not a whole lot and is already falling on the top, she is 4 weeks today. Thank you in advanced for any comments:)

Re: Shaving baby's head

  • This is obviously a joke right?? 

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  • This has got to be a troll. 
  • Wut. This is not really a thing, right?
  • I'm confused...

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  • What? What would be the purpose of shaving baby's head?
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  • This is made
  • Excellent gif use. We may be soul mates. 

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  • It can also be common in some Muslim practices as well as some Indian and sub-Asian cultures. 
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  • Lurker here - Thanks to all that provided informative responses! 
  • My friends mom asked me when I would shave the babies hair. It's a cultural thing and yes people actually do it. Apparently it helps the hair grow in thicker with better texture? 
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  • Lurker here, just piping in to say that shaving hair DOES NOT cause it to grow in quicker/slower/thicker/healthier/change the texture/anything. The hair it ONLY alive at the root, so all of your actual hair is already dead, which means that there is literally nothing that you can do to change how it grows naturally.
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