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Blood clots and pregnancy

Hello I am currently NOT pregnant but have some questions that I'm having trouble getting an answer too and am hoping you ladies may be able to help me out.

Here goes 
In 2015 I became pregnant with my amazing little boy and things seemed to be ok until I was 7 months along. Out of no where (literally) I got a blood clot in my entire femoral artery was hospitalized for 5 days ext. Had my son on late December stopped taking my thinners because the Drs didn't make it clear if I needed to keep taking them or not fast forward 3 months post partum and I get another clot in my other leg again the entire artery! I have since been on thinners daily for the last year and will have to remain on them indefinitely. My question is how dangerous would it be to go through a 2nd pregnancy? Like I said I am NOT pregnant but my husband and I where thinking about having another one in the future and I would like to get some answers about this before we make a decision. I love my son and would love to add to my family but will not do so under ANY circumstances if this would be extremely dangerous to do! Thank you in advance to any one who can give me a little insite its much appreciated!!

Re: Blood clots and pregnancy

  • You need to be referred to a hematologist, if you haven't been already.  They will do the work up to figure out if you have an underlying coagulaopathy leading to your clots.  Arterial clots would be really abnormal in an otherwise healthy person, even when pregnant (which does increase your risk).  Venous clots are more likely.

    After diagnosis a more reliable risk assessment can be made and a management plan for pregnancy and postpartum.  Some blood thinners can be taken during pregnancy, some can't.

    Talk to a hematologist.
    PgAL ([email protected] 29/10/11 - lost you before we knew we had you)
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  • Hi there, I am prone to Deep Vein Thrombosis  (DVT) and have had each one (3) in the same calf of the same leg!
    During my pregnancies the Dr simply prescribes me with fragmin injections I administer myself twice a day throughout the pregnancy and until he no longer thinks I require it after the birth. I am expecting in a few weeks time to start my course after my OB appointment.  Good luck :)
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