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had my first scan today heat rate was 113 at 6 weeks. Doctor said that was normal. Seems low to me. What was yours at 6 weeks 

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  • trust your doctor or use google. at 6 weeks the heart beat has just started and its normal for it to be slower.
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  • Mine was 138 at 6 weeks.  I definitely googled to see the range.  I'm not sure, but you should look it up.  I'm sure it's fine if your dr. said it's normal!
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  • Trust your doctor. If you don't trust him/her now with something as simple of a normal HR range, then if something more urgent occurs how are you going to Trust in that situation....you need to be able to trust your providers.
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  • I do trust them I have just had multiple miscarriages so Im cautious about everything 
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    Mine was 110 at 6w2d. I totally understand you being cautious. Try not to stress too much, I'm sure everything is just fine. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy! 
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  • Is there a reason you don't trust your doctor? 

    Our baby's HR was 99 bpm at 6 weeks, and 156 bpm yesterday at 8 weeks.
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  • My first ultrasound was at 6w1d and my baby's heartbeat was at 111bpm. Doc also said it was normal
  • That's normal. My sons was below 90 at 6 weeks and he still made it to term. 
  • At 6w0d, HR was 111 with both my son and this pregnancy.

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  • With my oldest it was in the 90s at 6w and with my second it was around 120 at 6 weeks. Both were full term and perfectly healthy. This one I don't know yet. I'm not even quite 4 weeks :P
  • 105-110 at 6wks. Totally normal. 7wk scan the HB went up to the 130-140 range.  

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