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Anyone else fail the first test?  :-(

Re: Gestational Diabetes

  • Yep! I failed the first test with both pregnancies and passed the 3-hour glucose test with both. There are a lot of false positives for the 1-hour screener because they want to catch all the true positives. 

    Good luck with the 3-hour test!

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  • In Germany, we do the 3-hr test right away... I wonder why the 1-hr test is so common in the US when it often fails to detect diabetes (see Sept. 2017 forum for reassurance: it seems like a lot of people who fail the 1-hr test pass the 3-hr one)
    Hopefully, you'll pass this one too! Sending good thoughts your way...
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  • In Canada we also do the 3hrs one right away. Dont get too upset about it, a lot of mamaz fail the 1hr but pass with flying colors the 3hrs one! 
  • I failed the one hour with a 141.  But, passed the 3 hour, they didn't give me my numbers, but I was just so relieved that I passed.  I hear that the majority of people who take the 3 hour pass.  Good luck!  Don't stress!  
  • I massively failed the one hour (174) and easily passed the 3 hour. Happens all the time. 
  • jsh5jsh5 member
    I failed the 1 hour with my first pregnancy and passed the 3 hour. Did my 1 hour today...fingers crossed I pass!
  • Failed the 1hr on Thurs.  Taking 3 hr Monday. Ugggg
  • I failed at 15 weeks :/ I didn't bother with the 3 hour since this will be my third GD pregnancy. We just went right into management. 
  • I've been doing GD management since 13 weeks or so.  It's not too bad.

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  • I royally failed the 1 hr this time and passed the 3 hr w no issues. Same with my other two pregnancies. It's not too bad!
  • I failed both with my first born and passed the 1 hour with my second. I was really hoping to pass the 1 hour again with this one. My 3 hour test is in the morning. I hope I get the results back quickly. 
  • Fx for good results @marousse
  • Ok with my first I had a different Dr and told I couldn't eat at all. Just a sip of water. I passed the 1 he, but had a panic attack from the sugar, then almost passed out and had to be walked to the car by a nurse lol. 

    I go this weekend for this pregnancy and was told I can have 2 eggs and water in the morning. I'm afraid if I do I'll fail and have to take the 3 hour. After my experience with the 1 hr, I can only imagine how horribly that will go. Its bad enough im off my anxiety medication and can't take anything to calm me incase of a panic attack, let alone get faint after any blood work for whatever reason. 

    My question is, should I just fast and hope I don't fail anyway? 
    If I have trouble with the one hour and attempt the 3hr and can't go through with it (aka panic attacks and passing out), does anyone have any experience with that happening? And what did the Dr do?
  • jsh5jsh5 member
    I failed my 1 hour with a 162. I go in the morning for my 3 hour
  • @mommykay-2 The eggs and water will not affect your blood sugar, as both are carbohydrate free.  If anything, it'll help keep you from passing out with a little nutrition for your body to work on while it processes the glucose.  I have major needle anxiety, am prone to fainting and asked at my lab to lay down and remain laying down for the duration of my 3 hour test.  It helped not having to move around.  FX for a successful test.

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  • Failed both :(

  • @mommykay-2 I agree with @melarowan, if they told you it was ok to eat then I would go ahead and do it. I threw up at the doctor's office this morning and it was probably from having nothing but all of that sugar in my system at once. Thankfully they had already drawn blood by then so I didn't have to take it again. Having something in your stomach might help calm your nerves too.
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  • jsh5jsh5 member
    @mommykay-2 I agree. My stepdaughter is diabetic and eggs and water are both carb free so they won't effect your blood sugar. Good luck!
  • Thanks everyone. I'm the first out of 4 in my family that had been told I can eat lol 
  • Waiting for results. I should find out tomorrow...
  • Fingers crossed for everyone! 
  • jsh5jsh5 member
    They just called...I passed my 3 hour! So relieved! 
  • @jsh5 Hurrah! What a relief...
  • I failed. :-(
  • @marousse Oh no, I'm so sorry... 
  • @marousse that sucks :( but as ive read from other mamaz on here, gd is manageable and in most cases not as bad as it sounds. 
    Happy thoughts sent your way ❤️
  • @marousse if you ever want to chat GD, let me know.  I'm no expert, but I've been doing this for a while now.  Hugs mama.  It'll be ok.

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  • jsh5jsh5 member
    @marousse so sorry....I was chatting with a girl doing the 3 hour the same day as me that had gd with her first pregnancy. She said that for her it wasn't as big of a deal as she had thought it would be. Hope this is the same for you! Sending happy thoughts your way.
  • Ok I failed the 1 hour by a lot 173. With my anxiety I had panic attacks later that day without even know the results. And with my bad stomach issues, my stomach is still burning from the drink and it's been 24 hours. I almost puked and it kept coming up even hours after the drink. 

    My question is. With the 3 hour being 100g and with my anxiety and stomach issues, should o talk to my Dr about just treating me for gd? Or should I risk taking the 3 hour and putting alot of stress on myself and therefore my baby? (I'm not medicated during pregnancy for anxiety and depression and I'm having a horrible time with it recently and I'm having my life crumble around me that hasn't been anticipated) I'm already anticipating that I'll have to retake the 3 hour because of vomiting or passing out. I only have time 1 day a week to even attempt the test. We have 1 car and everyone around me works and I don't have anyone to watch my 2 year old. Or the money to call a taxi or the bus. I don't think it would be even responsible if I took her, especially how dizzy the 1 hour got me 
  • I want to add I am willing to attempt it once, but I feel if it's not going to happen the first time it's not going to happen the next either. Slamming 100g of sugar multiple times doesn't seem smart or healthy anyway
  • @mommykay-2 I don't have anything useful to contribute regarding GD but I want to say that I'm sorry you're dealing with all these health issues while pregnant, and that I hope you get relief and good doctors around you. Thinking of you xxx
  • @sofiaberlin thank you! I try to do the right thing and try to do my best, but my life is constantly one thing after another anymore. 
  • @mommykay-2 I just want to say that I failed the 1 hour with a 174 and I passed all 4 draws at the 3 hour so having that result on the one hour doesn't mean you definitely have GD. But if you are concerned about the test you could always talk to your doctor about your options. 
  • @mommykay-2 I'm sorry you had such a hard time with the testing.  I'd definitely be clear with your doctor about the struggles and see what the two of you can come up with for an acceptable result.  

    For the 3 hour, it's one bottle of the drink and multiple blood draws, so at least no having to take the drink several times.

    But, the first step in GD treatment is monitoring your blood sugar with finger pokes and modifying your diet to see if you can manage that way, so since it's not meds right off, it's something that you should be able to get the dr to go along with.

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  • Thanks again everyone!. My Drs office still hasn't called with my results ( I received them online sunday) so I'll be calling them after their lunch. I still haven't felt right since the test I took on Saturday, especially my stomach. I been preparing myself for diabetes just in case with my anxiety. I felt like I was eating healthy before, but seeing what diabetics are advised to eat is a big eye opener. I decided if I have it, I can only do my best with the diet with what I can afford. And just take it from there. 
  • Hope your results come back all great!!! I'm a type 1 diabetic since I was 9 years old. So I'm on an insulin pump which used to last me 3 days, and now lasts 1.5 days. Pregnancy for type 1 diabetics does crazy things but you'll be fine I promise. I actually feel it might be simpler with GD diet. Gestational diabetes cab often be controlled with diet, meanwhile I just keep pumping insulin. Although the ice cream and donuts don't help. 

    Also stress can make your sugars rise, whether you're diabetic or not so small tip. Try to relax and you'll be ok girly. You'll get through this. 
  • I finally got through to my Drs office for my 3 hour. They couldn't even find my lab results and gave me attitude even though I been waiting since the 7th for info about the 3 hour because their nurses that handle the test results were away! Any way now I'm terrified for my baby. I have to eat a specific diet for 3 days before the test according to my office, I can't even get to the office until Friday to pick up the lab info and slip, then I can't even get the test done until next Friday since I need to be there for 4 hours and have someone watch my 2 year old. I just wanna cry. My 1 hour was 173 or 174. That was on the 5th! That will make it 3 weeks after the 1 hour that ill get the 3 hour done. And top it off that I can't make it to my appointment that Friday with the ob because I need to take the test, so that makes it the 2nd time to reschedule and at least 2 weeks late for a month check up. I'm stressing out and scared for this baby. I've tried to think of anyway to get this done sooner but everyone works, I don't think taking my daughter is very smart (I'd have to bus it) and I didn't tolerate the 1 hour well, and I don't have money to even pay for a sitter or know of anyone that would anyway. This is a disaster.
  • That's so crazy @mommykay-2. My office didn't make me go on a special diet and our lab is open on the weekend so I took mine on a Saturday. I'm sorry it's such a pain for you.
  • Thank you @NervousNelly825 I was able to get it done today! So relieved, didn't do the diet 100%.
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