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Monday Meal Plan 7/24

Nothing too exciting for us this week as I missed the farmers market this past weekend (too freaking hot out!) so we did a Trader Joe run yesterday to stock up for the rest of the week.

Monday- Spiced rub pork chops with tomato and cucumber salad, steamed cauliflower
Tuesday- Veggie sandwiches- toasted bread, homemade hummus, avocado, fresh tomato from our garden ;),  shredded carrot, spinach
Wednesday- Gluten free pasta with marinara and ground beef
Thursday- Burgers with sweet potato fries and roasted beets
Friday- What ever is left over in the fridge /pantry night!

Re: Monday Meal Plan 7/24

  • @JustBored10, those veggie sandwiches sound amazing. I wish we had more room to grow food, but since we are in an apartment we are limited to a cherry tomato plant, strawberries, and basil. Our tomato plant is producing like crazy, though! 

    Sunday: BBQ chicken sandwiches, sweet potato fries, cantaloupe 
    Monday:  Crock-pot tortilla soup 
    Tuesday: Teriyaki salmon, rice, ginger-lime carrots 
    Wednesday: Apple-basil chicken salad w/ arugula 
    Thursday: Homemade pizza, green salad 
    Friday: Leftovers/out to dinner 
  • Monday:  Veggie (tomatoes and zucchini from our garden! plus corn) and black bean tacos, plantains 
    Tuesday: Mediterranean turkey tips in pita with tzatziki, cukes, and tomatoes 
    Wednesday: Out to dinner for flatbread Wednesday at one of our favorite local Italian restaurants 
    Thursday: Chinese style steamed cod with brown rice and bok choy
    Friday: Tomato/beef/pasta soup
  • Hmm.. I come here for craving ideas. Not to cook necessarily either. :p

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  • Monday was leftover day

    Tuesday - Buffalo chicken wraps with Caesar salads
    Wednesday - Grilled pork chops with broccoli and rice
    Thursday - Fajitas
    Friday - Grilled salmon with Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes
    Saturday - Smoked cod with black truffle pomme frites
    Sunday - Spaghetti and meatballs

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