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Shopping for clothes meltdown

So today i had my 16 week appointment, i heard my babys heart beat for the first time which was amazing! Afterwards me and my boyfriend decided to go for a bite to eat and do some and clothing. My size 10 jeans are still fitting but very snug...just because it zips...doesnt mean it fits! So..i decided to grab a size 12...great, fit good! I brought a few new tops also in size 12 and tried them on when i got home. None of the tops i brought would fit without too much boob spilling out or just gripping my hips!!! I know my body is making and preparing to carry a baby but us sterotypical body concious girls can help but notice the extra pounds and chubb round the hips. I have always been quite self concious. I couldnt help but cry a little! Has anyone else felt this from time to time? 

Re: Shopping for clothes meltdown

  • @saff2018 - you aren't alone! I honestly have been thin most of my life but my weight started fluctuating in college. About a year after we got married (which was in 2012), I started gaining weight again and in 2015 I lost 25lbs. Last year I got really in shape (although still had some lingering fat around my midsection, thighs, and hips especially) but after my half marathon in September I was so burnt out from over training that I stopped working out regularly and I was eating horribly. On top of that, TTC was really hard on me mentally and I started getting depressed and would turn to food as a comfort. By the time we got pregnant, I had regained the 25lbs I had lost plus another 5-7 and felt horrible about myself but of course pregnancy isn't really the time to diet so now I kind of feel stuck in this body and even though I know I'm starting to get bigger because of the baby, it's still really hard for me to deal with.

    I know I just wrote a novel but I've always had body issues (even when I was super thin) and I just wanted you to know that you are not alone. I have to keep reminding myself that the changes that are happening are for the best possible reason.  <3
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  • I will try maternity clothing for just made it feel thst little bit more real. Thank you for your thoughts and boyfriend seems to be embracing the larger cup size (sorry for sounding crude) haha!
  • Oh yeah +1 to maternity clothing. I have already switched to maternity shorts and tops for my weekend wear and it makes such a difference! 
  • I wore maternity pants for the first time today, and I don't have enough bump to hold them up yet, but they're breathtakingly comfortable. <3 Hang in there, you're totally normal!
  • Yeah, you need to let go of your regular clothes! I broke out the maternity and stretch waist bands weeks ago and they are so much more comfortable! Or get a belly band.

    I understand your struggle, especially being at the beach this week. I feel like I kinda look pregnant, I'd actually be happier if my bump was bigger then people would know for sure. I'm not worried, though, soon our bellies (and everything else) will be so big well long for these tiny bump days!

    hang in there! 
  • You are not alone!  I am 14 wks and just had a similar experience two days ago!  I also fall into the body conscious category.  My experience: I tried on a pair of shorts and could not get them buttoned.  Tears ensued!  
    I then proceeded to go through my closet.  I started a stack of clothes that either did not fit or I knew was not going to fit in a month when I go back to school.  My wardrobe that I love and cherish dwindled down to barely nothing.  More tears!
    Know we all are our own worst enemy.  Be kind to yourself!  What has helped me is a new pair of shoes (that size has not changed), a new nail polish color and I went to a maternity store!  I also agree with @Kezzy44 and @burnsmommy27 soon this awkward stage will be over and you will have adorable bump to dress up!

  • Haha i agree! Im at the stage where i feel others wouldnt be able to determin whether im pregnant or chubby! 
  • I did buy a nice new pair of sandals so it wasnt all bad!
  • kelk5kelk5 member
    @saff2018 I love my Bella band right now so I can still wear a few things yet be comfortable while I start to buy maternity clothes. It helps me still have some options as my closet dwindles
  • I also strongly second (third?) the maternity section, or a belly band to tide you over. I am wearing one as I am typng this. My favorite jeans wouldn't button anymore today, so I put it on and it looked good. But it's odd to me. my belly was not this big until later in my last pregnancy... (Yeah, I know, my body remembers... But why doesn't it remember exercise?!)
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  • @saff2018 don't buy bigger clothes, just go maternity or Bella band like the other posters said. I made that mistake last time and went up a size in jeans because the maternity clothes seemed like they were for REALLY pregnant women and I wasn't there yet.

    But going up a size just makes you look more fat, when looking more pregnant would look better, and before you know it you'll need real maternity clothes so it's a waste of money.
  • @saff2018 love that you bought cute sandals  <3 
  • I'm in the same boat. I personally feel more "chubby" than I do pregnant at this stage. I'm lucky that I work in scrubs. Any other time I'm in dresses and leggings. OMg I love leggings! I feel ya on the boobs as well. Yeah they are bigger, but they make me feel heavier which I don't like. 
  • I'm a STM and I still feel like this some days. I look in the mirror and I see a sausage and my sister-in-law saw a Snapchat video of me recently and she said my baby bump looks so cute.

    Last week I went through my entire wardrobe and took out all the things that don't fit anymore, and I'm left with so little! I've purchased several maternity basic tees, shorts and a couple of dresses. But clearing out all the things that don't fit me helps a lot so I'm not constantly reminded of my "old body". I suggest trying that out! Also, if there aren't any maternity shops near where you live, shop online and return what you don't like! I think it's super important for you to feel your best while pregnant  :)
  • I dealt with weight issues in the past, and gaining weight/not fitting in my clothes comfortably has been very difficult for me to deal with emotionally. I think the biggest hurdle I've had to deal with is accepting I'm not getting fat (despite feeling like I've got major muffin top) and instead I am growing a baby. At this point in the pregnancy it can be hard to accept, as we don't have that cute bump yet. I second other ladies using the Bella Band and getting some cute maternity clothes. Even if our bump isn't cute yet, doesn't mean it won't be!  
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  • Getting emotional reading these tonight! Lovely comments made x
  • I am feeling the same way at 13 weeks. I wish my bump would just grow because I just look like I've gained weight. I went to target to buy a bathing suit and new bras yesterday and it was awful, nothing fit and those dressing room mirrors were depressing. My target doesn't have any maternity either. I guess I wasn't expecting the chub around the waist. And my new enormous boobs are really taking some getting used to. 
  • @bkbaby18 ugh, Target mirrors are so bad about making you look terrible! Weird that they didn't have a maternity section. The in between stage of looking like you're packing on the pounds and getting a clear baby bump is rough. Wear whatever makes you comfortable and feel great and try not to worry about what anyone else might think. I know, easier said than done, I've had my own moments of wanting to cry when nothing looked right 

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