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Fitness check in anyone?

I have not seen one of these in a few weeks so figured I would start one today.  I am still attending Cross Fit twice a week and yoga once a week.  On the other days I make sure to walk the dog a few miles.  I find the bigger I am getting the more stares I get especially from older women like my moms age shaking their head in disappointment and it makes me angry.  I even get stupid comments every now and then.  Times have changed and exercise is great for mother and baby as long as you have been doing it before baby and listening to your body.  Yes I am aloud to jump rope.  The baby is not going to fall out of my vagina while doing Dubs for 30 seconds.  Geesh!

Are you still working out?

What types of workouts and how many days a week?

How are you feeling post workouts?

Re: Fitness check in anyone?

  • I do not do any actual workouts but I have been doing a lot of walking. I also take the stairs in the parking ramp and in my office building. We have skywalks that are great to use for walks on break also. It's a solid 7 minute walk from my car to my desk and I have noticed I'm getting a little slower. I have been trying to exhaust my older 2 especially the toddler in the evenings so we go for walks around the neighborhood or to the park most evenings. I have had some people make comments about me taking the stairs but nothing major. 
  • I got a short run in last weekend. Hopefully having the AC back will incentivize me to start going out for more runs. I'd like to get out and about for more walks but with the heat here... not happening. I probably need to just make myself start doing workout videos at home. 
  • @Carebella I don't start my walks until about 715pm. Im in Iowa so it's been hot and super humid. Gross. I hate the humidity! 
  • @tfrangul By the time 6pm rolls around I'm basically holding my breath for DH to get home so I can try to relax and do as little as possible  :p I'm much more of a morning person but since DH is still sleeping, I don't really feel super comfortable trusting him to wake up if I were to go for a run and DS needed him. 

    And yes, humidity is AWFUL. At least the heat here tends to be drier. I experienced 106 and humid once with DH in KC and NEVER again is my hope. 
  • I try to walk everyday. I have been doing a mild work out with light weights three days a week. I am exhausted after work outs and super hungry!
  • @tfrangul I have also been waiting till later in the evening to go for a walk I am always so hot I cant deal with the heat lately.
  • I have pretty much stopped running and turned to walking instead (2-3 times a week). Every once in a while I'll get antsy and try to run a bit but I always regret it! I feel great while I'm doing it but, afterwards, my god the pelvic pain! I swear I won't do it again but then I get the runners itch and give it another go!

    I have been warned by other runners not to push it because you can do long term damage to your pelvic floor. I've been trying to do more pelvic floor exercises to counter it but I'm really bad at them and not sure I'm even doing them right.

    I try to do 100 squats every day. Those are easy to fit in any time any place but they are definitely getting harder as I'm gaining weight. I also do prenatal yoga once a week.

    I hear you on the judgement! I had a co-worker scold me for lifting a book onto a shelf. It's a book. I'm not trying to flip a car. And he's a doctor, I really feel like he should know better!
  • 30+6, and still working out!  I switched over from doing heavy lifting to a more cardio-based regimen.  I'm currently doing mostly elliptical workouts, about 45-60 min 2-3x a week.  I see a trainer every other week and do lifting with him.  I also spend a lot of time chasing my toddler around, so I'm not worried about usually having 2 workouts a week!  

    Post workout, it really depends on what I was doing.  I can't do deep or wide squats anymore, as I have had a ton of pelvic pain (much worse than with my first).  After cardio, I usually feel great!  I'll cut the workouts short if I feel too winded, tired, or the Braxton Hicks get too strong or often.  I'll probably switch to walking in another month, as I did with DS1.  

    I miss hiking/ biking/ running, etc, but my pelvis would probably just break in half if I tried right now.  I want to kayak, but I have a feeling I won't fit in the cockpit much longer, haha.  I did get a compliment at the gym last night from another regular there.  She said I was killing it and always going hard for my workouts when she saw me there, and it was extra awesome bc I was pregnant.  That made my day!
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  • lizh62288lizh62288 member
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    29 weeks today-Still going to crossfit 3-4 times a week. This morning at 5:15 (thanks insomnia) was 4 sets of 5 push jerks progressive weight and death by TTB and Burpees
  • Work has precluded me from getting to CrossFit as often as I'd like, but I'm trying to get in 2, maybe 3 times a week. It's tough because I used to be pretty competitive in it but have had to adjust expectations a lot over the last year--first with fertility treatments and then with being pregnant. I really miss soccer, too.  It's obviously all well worth it, though!

    Other than that, I do walks around the neighborhood 3-4x weekly with my pup and try to get as much walking in at work as I can. While in Maine for 4th of July I managed to do some kayaking on the bay, too!
  • @tfrangul

    Funny, I've also gotten comments about the stairs... and working... and bending... and pretty much anything except sitting on my tush....

    But seriously, what makes people think they can comment anyway.  I am a medical provider, and I get comments from OTHER MEDICAL PROVIDERS whom really, as someone else in the thread put it, "should know better."  We've been in a heat wave and walking outside has been out of the question, I have a 6 year old and the gym childcare hours don't work for us, and to be honest it's just hard to do  as much a workout in the house as I want... so if taking the stairs and parking far away gets me my steps, then I wish people would keep their mouth shut... unless they have something nice to say, that is.

    Sidenote: it's mostly MALE colleagues whom end up making these comments BTW.  It's like, geez man, I'm pregnant, not broken, lol.

    Anyone else notice this?

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  • tfrangultfrangul member
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    @PKFMommie it is only males who have said something to me as well. I responded with yep, and I will continue to take them until I have this baby or if I'm medically told not to. One guy was like that's awesome! Good for you. And he was being genuine. But most people know me and know better than to comment on anything I do. Haha 
  • jenn622-2jenn622-2 member
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    @PKFMommie Yep, it's been mostly men that have made comments to me as well but also some older women. Thanks, grandma, but when you had babies stairs were a no-no and smoking a pack of camels in the delivery room was a-ok so I'll pass on your medical advice!!
  • @jenn622-2 yeah I've gotten the judgey comments from older women, too. My office was getting moved around last week and I got down on my hands and knees to grab something from under a desk and was immediately chastized that I shouldn't be doing that in my condition. Cue eye roll. 
  • Most of the comments I get are from older women.  The one last week about me jump roping was a lady maybe in her upper 50's.  She came up to me and told me she was a nurse although not an OB nurse she doesn't think I should be jump roping.
  • @JustBored10
    You're as saint for not saying something like "well I don't think you should be giving unqualified medical advice."  hahaha.  I'm an NP and I don't give advice outside of my work environment, let alone unsolicited advice outside of my practice area... it's a professional no-no.....  I usually give people a long, quizzical stare and remain silent, I find that it is just uncomfortable enough that they don't try to give me advice again, but not so "in your face" as to make a scene or create drama. 

    On the upside, my birthing ball (aka exercise ball) finally arrived, and I've been enjoying the new dimension to my workout!!!

    Hope you are all well!

    Me: 31 & DH: 36
    Married 2009
    DS: 6 y/o
    TTC #2 for (way too long)
    BFP: 12/30/2016 !!!

  • I try to ignore the comments ESPECIALLY from males colleagues! also, I'm trying to do pilates twice a week but with no much success :\ but i do walk a lot

  • I've noticed that older women are the ones who comment that I must be due soon or it's a big baby, but it's only men (principally my dad when he was visiting) who have told me not to do physical exercise like stairs or walking. I took too long of a hiatus from exercise in this pregnancy due to early nausea and fatigue and I'm finding it hard to get back into it, but I'm determined to try for my own health and the health of my baby--especially now that I've been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I think we all know our limits, and will do exercises that are safe.
  • @JustBored10 I can understand why they think you shouldn't be jumping rope, because it is a risky exercise for pregnancy. You are destabilizing yourself and both of your hands are busy with something, so if you trip and fall, you have a good chance of not being able to catch yourself. As someone who fell at 30 weeks pregnant directly onto her belly, I can tell you how easily it can happen. Since your belly is sticking so far out in front of you at this point, it is hard to not fall onto it, even if you catch yourself with your forearms, etc. At least that was my experience. Obviously, you jump rope at your own risk and I have no intention of convincing you to not, but it isn't weird for people to worry about what you are doing.
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    I am still jogging 3-4x a week for 2 miles or so. On days that I don't jog, I walk at least 2 miles. I am still feeling ok post-workout, but have noticed my hips are starting to get really stiff.

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  • @amow06 that is awesome. I miss running even just a light jog but it is the one exercise that has not agreed with me this pregnancy from the start :( I can not wait to be able to run again.  I have replaced it with rowing and jump roping but it doesn't compare to being able to put my headphones in and go for a long run outside.
  • What are people's thoughts on running with baby? I got a jogging stroller with newborn insert and I know the manufacturers say not to run until baby is 6 months old but most of my friends said their doctors cleared them to run with baby after 2 or 3 months... my stroller has the car seat lock in and I can't imagine that a light jog is much more shaking than riding in the car.

    definitely looking forward to getting back out there asap post baby!
  • @jenn622-2 Personally I don't see it as any different for baby either, especially if you are running on a smooth paved surface. If you are clicking the car seat into the stroller, then baby will have the same support as in the car. I could see how it could be an issue if you're on a dirt path that may cause the stroller to bounce more. Once you're cleared to run by your own doc, I'd ask your pediatrician their thoughts on whether baby can handle it.

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  • I used to run a couple miles every morning. But now it just doesn't feel good to run. I've been active (weights, running, HIIT, hiking..etc.) for years and through my pregnancy until about 6.5 months ...but im utterly exhausted from my job. I work with kiddos with disabilities and let me tell you, they wear me out! So I'm taking these last months real easy and light. I'm thinking of it as an off season.
  • @jenn622-2 I would think as long as it is a smooth surface you will be fine.  Usually doctors will not clear you for exercise until after your 6 week postpartum check up so babe will at least be 6 weeks old by the time you start up again.  
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