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  • @charlestonchew, I don't.  I read it because my friend forced me too, but it drove me nuts.

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  • izza2izza2 member
    Fresh wild fish taste less "fishy" than farmed fish.
    We go to NJ to ocean/bay fish with a friend every year, and we found that fresh flounder is primo. One fish is 4 fillets, and it doesn't taste "fishy". Bread it with panko and fry it on the stove and it's the best thing in the world. I could eat flounder daily. I hate the "fishy" tasting fish, which is usually found with farmed fish, though.
    So, wild fish > farmed fish when it comes to taste.
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  • @beanship So much yes on the fish thing. My hubbie is like that. When we first met, he was like "I don't like fishy tasting fish." But now, after much eye-rolling by me, he just admits that he doesn't like fish. And I am also in a very red state where I have to hide my political views to avoid being ostracized by my family.

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  • @jrm_14 I LOVE brown gravy (when it's made from the natural juices of the meat--not the fake kind). I hatehatehate white chunky gravy though. Like, seriously, what is that stuff?? I'm scared to know what's in it.

    @izza2 @beanship Yeah wild is better all around. I find that fresh and wild salmon/tuna/halibut/sole/some others I'm forgetting never taste fishy to me. Mackerel sometimes tastes fishy to me. I don't think I ever eat bass and crappie--I guess I am a fancy fish eater, which makes sense because 95% percent of the time I am eating fish it's sushi. If it's raw it better be fancy, and fresh, and if it's not super fresh you can tell (unless you use a lot of soy sauce, which I don't).
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