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  • Ok I'll start us off! I hate Pampers diapers. I think they are over priced and my son just blows right out of them half the time anyway. I don't waste my money on them. Instead, I buy a UK store brand where I get a months worth of diapers for $12. I will definitely be building a stockpile before we leave.
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  • nooo! @Cricket99 its Pampers 4 Lyfe at our house!  They were the only ones that didn't make DD have terrible diaper rash or terrible blow outs.  Now, Honest Company on the other hand, those were the most completely worthless diapers I ever had the misfortune to purchase-I get ragey just thinking about the money wasted.

    However, I don't blame you one bit...$12 for a month's supply of diapers sounds like a dream situation!!

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  • @shanski70 Pampers are also one of the few that don't give DS a rash. So I'll use them in a pinch if I have to. I plan to stock up majorly so I don't have to buy any more diapers for him before we move back to the states.
  • We're a Pampers family as well. The sensitive ones (now they're called Gentle Care I think?) are the only ones that didn't aggravate DD's awful eczema. Yes, they are expensive, but I always look for deals.

    I use Hypnobabies! http://www.hypnobabies-store.com/link.cgi?affiliateID=472

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    I love pampers because of the wet stripe thing. However, once were at size 3+, I love Luvs. So much cheaper. But if I could get a month's worth of diapers for $12, you'd better believe I'd be all over that!!
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  • I'm the opposite. I don't like the term Unmedicated. That to me is like saying having to say unsweet for tea. Tea doesn't come sweet, I should just be able to say Tea. Childbirth doesn't automatically come with meds... it's an option (unless medically necessary). It really should be childbirth and medicated childbirth. But I don't think anyone would go for that because it puts in mind that childbirth (natural) is the common practice and it isn't, medicated childbirth is the norm nowadays. So given the options, I like natural since that's the best description available to me that people understand.
    But I also have the opinion that medicated births are not natural. And to me, that's a fine description. Neither is riding in a car, or using disinfectant. Many non natural things make our lives better and are perfectly acceptable and preferred. 

    so I think natural and medicated are the terms people are ok with in describing their OWN birth experience.
    Sorry, I'm not planning on having an unmedicated birth since birth doesn't come medicated to begin with. Given the descriptive options out there, I plan (plan being the ideal here) on having a natural childbirth. *shrug*

  • @schaze I agree completely...and I'm not really sure why the distinction needs to be made anyway... 

    also Pampers 4 Lyfe!!!

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  • @Cricket99 I will only use Pampers in the newborn size, just because you're changing them so often I don't have a problem. But after that and especially when the baby starts to sleep longer stretches we switch to the Kirkland (costco) diapers. We've avoided quit a few blow outs thanks to Kirkland. They have a band at the back of the top that stops all the things from escaping.

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  • I guess I just don't see why "unnatural" is a deemed by so many as a bad thing to the point where people feel shamed to use correct terminology. That's societie's push in the recent decade of "natural is better" with things like non GMO food and natural fuels. If the only way to get my child out is through a c-section, those people who say "natural is better" can go eff themselves. My baby is going to be safe and I will proudly say I used beautiful unnatural medical intervention to get her here and thank goodness for empowering science. 
    I don't see natural childbirth as a badge of honor. I see it as what is right for me. If you feel it diminishes what you did then use the term you want, but I'm going to use verbiage that makes sense logically to me. 

    I guess another unpopular opinion I have is when people change definitions of things when a word is and deemed  bad or good, instead of using said words for intended purposes and changing social perspective in doing so. 

    Natural "existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind." 

    Unnatural "not existing in nature; artificial"

    an OB and a hospital are not entering my body or affecting my birth. They are there if something goes wrong. Not the same. 

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    I prefer more descriptive medicalized terms, e.g. I've had two intervention free, unmedicated vaginal births. I think that most accurately describes my experience without diminishing others or creating grey areas. Natural is such a nebulous term for me. Some women use it to describe any vaginal birth, others any birth without pain meds (but including induction drugs, aka rockstar moms in my opinion!), to fully intervention free/unmedicated births. ETA: and I think it's valid for those and more. I also totally agree with @missblaze all of us are having some elements of our birth that aren't "natural" whether it's fetal monitoring, antibiotics for group b strep, being in a hospital, pitocin after the baby is born to help deliver the placenta, heck even use of a fetoscope. I'm not personally offended by the term, but I can see why others may be and it is easy enough for me to choose other words to describe my experience.
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  • @EmilyLove25 yes! It is ALL amazing:) 
  • @burnsmommy27 DH used to say "do the nasty" when we were dating. Major eye roll. He was 30 when we met. We weren't 2 kids in high school doing the nasty in our parents basement. I'd rather him say we were f*#king...at least I'd feel like an adult. He doesn't say if anymore. I think he realized how ridiculous it was. 

  • Here's an UO.... I don't like the term "fur baby"....not because I don't love animals, because, I do... BUT it makes me think of a furry, human baby. 

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  • I made an educated decision to have an epidural with my first child. I had zero intention on trying to go completely unmedicated, just to go as long as possible before getting the epidural. (Side note: turns out I had made it to 8cm without it; had they checked me prior to administering the epi, I might have tried to go the whole way without it.) 

    Turns out, the epi didn't work out well for me or for DD1. I put a lot of time and energy into preparing my mind and body to be prepared to have DD2 without any meds. When I say I went all natural with DD2 I say it with pride. I worked hard to accomplish that goal and am proud of myself for having a natural childbirth. It isn't any sort of sordid reflection on anyone else and what they did or didn't do with their own person or their personal experience, it speaks only of me and my experience. 

    That said, I'm like the least sensitive person on the planet. It's incredibly rare that something someone else says or does bothers me. I assume people mean the best, instead of assuming they meant it negatively, and even if they clearly meant it negatively then eff them. 
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    scatteringashes said:
    Also, related UO but I swear not pointed at you (probably, I guess depending on your ideology): GMOs are the only way we're gonna keep food supply up for an increasing population. The amount of scare-mongering people do because it's "not natural" is nonsense. Nothing about the world we live is natural. Air conditioning isn't natural and drains resources, but I don't see people clamoring to give that up.
    YES!!!!!!!!!! Now don't get me wrong, organic agriculture and non-GMO crops have their place in our food chain but we can't keep up with the growing demand for food driven by a growing population without GMO crops. I mean purposeful genetic modification as we know it today was started to specifically fortify rice with vitamin A to improve the nutrition of and reduce premature blindness in children in third world countries. THEN we found ways to protect and/or improve yield for a more stable food supply. We need these kind of advancements.  

    But also on that note, infrastructure is the other key piece of the equation of feeding the world but don't get me started on that...

    No UO's from me yet...too sleep deprived to have many original thoughts today. 

    Editied because I'm sleep deprived so my first round lacked some words/grammar. 
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