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10w4d - gender?

Had this ultrasound on Tuesday at 9w6d and was just wondering what you all think my little poppyseed will be, boy or girl. Healthy heart rate at 173bpm which I know leans towards girl however, looking for some opinions based on the ultrasound

Finding out the sex in a few weeks as I just had the harmony test done. Just want him/her to be healthy and safe in there :)

Good luck and congratulations to you all, too! Jasmin


  • Can see the little fist here :)
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  • My ultrasound techs have said that the heart rate increases steadily until 12 or so weeks, then it settles down to its "normal" rate: for example at 7 weeks my nugget was at 139 (boy by wives tale) and at 8 it was 175 (girl by wives tale). The anticipation is killing me too! Can't wait to hear what you're having! Is your gut feeling for a girl?
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  • All 4 of my pregnancies have had heart rates at that range and at that gestation.   I havr 2 boys, 1 girl, and the one cooking.  
    By ramzi it looks like a girl, but ramzi also said I was havong 4 girls so take that with a grain of salt. 
  • schazeschaze
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    Unfortunately if your tech wasn't able to give you a guess, no one here will be able to either. These type of posts generally don't go over well here on TB as we aren't professionals. Congratulations on your pregnancy though! Looks like a cute little bean. 
  • @PleasesendPicklesNow ; Haha, I LOVE YOUR NAME! Yes please :)
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  • Oooh gummy bear. I could deal with that
  • Thanks :)

    Yeah I know and actually didn't ask if they had any ideas. Was just wondering 
  • How far along are you now, Jen?
    When do you find out? I've got an appointment booked in for a week to find out the results from my harmony test and gender :) can't wair, hopefully poppyseed is healthy

  • @jasmin31994 I'm 9w3d right now - I won't find out until my anatomy scan at 18 weeks - that will be late August. I can't wait! I'm excited to hear about your results too!
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