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BF/Twat 6/26

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Re: BF/Twat 6/26

  • My annoyance was my MIL asking if I should still be working! My doctor will be the one to tell me if I can't work anymore!
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  • My husband is the twat of the week.  I know my anxiety has been bad, and I've not been easy to live with for the past few months,  but last night he told me that living with me is "hell", and he "can't put up with me and my anxiety for the next 6 weeks".

    Um... no, dude.  It's not like this has been a walk in the park for me, and I'm trying the best I can to live a normal life and keep my anxiety under control.  I think tonight I'm gonna tell him that if he truly can't put up with me for 6 more weeks, then he can go live with his mommy and daddy and I'll send a picture when baby is born.  

    You would think by now he would know better than to mess with a hormonal pregnant lady.

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  • @Kathryn0903 must be an IL thing because I get that from MIL and SILs.

    I can't stand when people do not turn in hours so they get paid and delay my day  :/
  • @kristenk727 ugh, he is a twat. Have you started the Zoloft yet? It takes a little bit for new meds to kick in. My mom made me mad when I switched to buspar and after a few days told me I needed a higher dose.  Eye roll.  DH had a bad week last week but you would think he's the only one that's inconvenienced when he works late or has to run errands for car troubles. I'm sorry, dude, but DS and I are allowed to have a bad day and be grouchy, too.
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    @kristenk727 I'm so sorry!!! He rightfully gets to wear the twat sash. Being pregnant is not easy! I bet if he could trade places with you for a day, he wouldn't be able to handle it! Hang in there! We are all here for you!
  • @kristenk727 I'm so sorry, you don't deserve that and I hope you expressed that to him!
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    @kristen727 I think you have the right approach in trying to talk to him but it's definitely going to be strenuous once the baby arrives so maybe try to have a productive conversation about what you need from him and better ways for him to express his frustration.

    The combination of not being able to do things myself as much anymore and DH are both twats. It is very frustrating to watch him struggle to hang something properly that I would be able to do no problem if I could be the one to stand on a chair and do it but he won't let me now (which I get). Also, he can't get out of the house when I tell him we need to so that we get to stores when they open. We were running errands on Saturday and he made us so late I said we just need to skip the first store we were trying to go to otherwise the other ones will be crazy by the time we get there. We were a half hour later than we were supposed to be and he had no idea. If I say we need to leave in 10 minutes and we leave in 20 and stop for coffee that you want (and I can't even have per my OB), how do you not get that we are behind?? I wasn't even that mad that we had to skip it, I was just frustrated he had no idea he'd made us late.
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  • @SouthernMama15
    I haven't started the Zoloft yet.  My pharmacist read me the riot act when i went to fill it, and now I'm afraid to take it.  

    He came home during his lunch hour to talk and "apologize".  Basically he defended everything he's done and said and just continues to make me feel like I'm psychotic.   The anxiety stems from what happened with DS, and in my head I feel like this pregnancy is a ticking time bomb until something goes wrong.  I'm petrified of everything and anything going wrong and just want to take it as easy as possible as an attempt to keep this baby cooking and healthy.  Why must he make me feel like such a shitty person?

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  • @kristenk727 I'm so sorry you are dealing with that. Ask your doctor about buspar, it's not supposed to have any effects on baby and so far it's working well for me. I take it twice daily. Also, screw the pharmacist. I'd tell him the doctor already explained the risks and it's also unhealthy for you to be a nervous wreck so to kindly fill my prescription and keep his opinions to himself or I'd just come hang out in the pharmacy anytime I was feeling extra anxious and he could find a way to help me cope. Asshole.  I have really bad anxiety and my heart aches for you. My husband goes back and forth from being super understanding to a complete twat about it. 
  • @SouthernMama15, having worked in a pharmacy as a technician, I can tell you that the pharmacist is required to tell you about possible issues, and taking Zoloft during pregnancy is a red flag for the pharmacist to address.  You would be surprised how many times doctors miss something that a pharmacist catches as an issue.  Also, as far as the Buspar, I was on it when I got pregnant, and both my doctor and the pharmacists I worked with told me I should not be taking it while pregnant.
  • @rachelfozo
    I understand that the pharmacist is required to address potential side effects.  However,  after ripping the manual out and reading every single possible side effect, I kindly told her that my OB and I reviewed it extensively and we agreed that my mental well being was most important.  She then told me she refused to give me the medication because she refused to be held liable, even though I had already paid for it. I kept calm and asked if she could please call my OB.  She did, and after a few minutes came back and threw the bag at me from about 5 feet away.  I found it completely unprofessional,  especially since I had clicked "decline counseling", and it triggered another anxiety attack.  

    As a pharmacist,  I would love to get your perspective on what medications are safe to take during the last few weeks of pregnancy and into the postpartum period.  My anxiety has affected my daily life, and I am on high alert already for PPD.  I am trying to get this all under control and would love to hear what you advise as being safe. 

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  • @kristenk727 OMG I am so sorry you had to experience that! Have you considered reporting that kind of behavior to her superior or state medical board? It is completely unprofessional and uncalled for. You did not deserve that at all and I am so sorry that you now feel terrible about trying to take care of your mental health because of what that jerk did to you. :( 

    My DH is being a twat. I have been doing way too much around the house and physically at work. I think he assumes that because I am so active that I can handle lifting heavier things and holding doors open for myself. I strained my abs over the weekend trying to open a heavy door and then he got annoyed with me when I waited for him to open one for me. This pregnancy has been so mild in terms of symptoms, and I feel very very grateful for that, but I think it's coming back to bite me in the a$$. I do not need to be waited on hand and foot but a little help would be nice! 
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  • @kristenk727 honestly I feel terrible about what happened to you.   As someone who also worked in a pharmacy, while yes the pharmacist has to warn you, they can do it in an appropriate and understanding way, such as saying "did you and your doctor discuss the risk of this medication while pregnant?"   But to be frank I'm much more upset that this person came on and was so rude and inconsiderate of your and @SouthernMama15 situations.    Everyone is different and your doctor and you know yourself best.    So please, disregard @rachelfozo because she's clearly an idiot who is unkind.    
  • @kristenk727 oh. f*ck. no. I want to report them for you. Totally don't blame you for having an anxiety attack. I'd lose my ever loving mind if that happened to me.
  • @kristenk727 I'll echo what the other supportive ladies on here have said. Obviously, you and your OB did your due diligence in reviewing your situation and taking the necessary steps and precautions for treating your anxiety.

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    A couple things I always thought and still think should be true: A. You have to be nice to a pregnant lady B. Never call a pregnant lady crazy or tell her that she is wrong C. Never fuck with a pregnant lady!
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    @tova24 your post escalated so quickly. So true. 
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  • @kristenk727,

    DH essentially told me the same thing and my anxiety is much lower than pregnancy #1.  I'm extremely uncomfortable all the time, sleeping poorly and DH tells me he's upset because he thinks I am "abusive" & "too critical" with my moods swinging back and forth.  

    We sat down and had a heart to heart about both our concerns, but I am fairly positive he still doesn't "get it."

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  • @kristenk727 I am so sorry. The way the pharmacist handled that was completely inappropriate, and you certainly didn't need anymore on your plate. 

    Can an you call someone to file a complaint? Especially after speaking to your OB, there was no reason to treat you the way she did. 
  • My coworker who decided that the small office refrigerator needed cleaned yesterday but it was taking too long to defrost and was about to ask me to clean it today. Please don't ask the 35 week pregnant woman to bend down and clean a refrigerator!
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  • @Lauradi1010
    Mine doesn't get it either!  He told me that whatever I say goes for the next few months, bc he just doesn't want to start another argument.  Great, but he's just being a pushover and doesn't fully get why I feel the way I do.  Ugh, men!

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    At least yours will concede for a few weeks.  Mine seems to balk and out think everything.  Combine this with my complete exhaustion and a clingy toder and nothing is getting so.  DH also told me he's nervous because he is not sure which version of me he will get upon getting home.  *Smh!*
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  • @kristenk727,

    At least yours will concede for a few weeks.  Mine seems to balk and out think everything.  Combine this with my complete exhaustion and a clingy toder and nothing is getting so.  DH also told me he's nervous because he is not sure which version of me he will get upon getting home.  *Smh!*
    Omg mine said the exact same thing!! I told him hopefully he will get a happy me again, as I'll be starting my Zoloft at that point.  I also just started doing some research on psychologists in the area that focus on PPD/ PPA so hopefully that helps also.  It's like he thinks I enjoy being this way.  

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    It's me I'm the twat!! I forgot to take my "zantac" prescription to get filled and I'm out  :s :'(

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