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STM's come answer my poll

NxyNxy member
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When did you have your first kiddo? I'm trying to simplify this so just 7 day weeks. Use your judgment if you fall in between. 
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STM's come answer my poll 77 votes

2 or more weeks early
20% 16 votes
1 week before your due date
15% 12 votes
the week of your due date
27% 21 votes
the week after your due date
10% 8 votes
2 (or more?) weeks after
3% 3 votes
I'm a nosy FTM and had to open this
20% 16 votes
super-duper special snowflake
1% 1 vote

Re: STM's come answer my poll

  • homemakermamahomemakermama member
    edited June 2017
    My first was born on her due date. 
    ETA: I guess I could have just chose the "week of EDD" option...
                                                             Met DH 2008-engaged 8/10/2011-married 7/21/12 
                                              DD1 born on her due date 05/01/2012 7lbs12oz and 19 3/4 inches long
                                                     DD2 born 12/07/2013 @ 39w6d 8lbs15oz 20 3/4 inches long
                                                          #3 EDD 09/27/2015 ~ we are going for a HOME birth!

  • NxyNxy member
    Which would be the week of your due date... no? 
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  • Yes, I didn't pay close enough attention and added to my comment right after I posed it. 
                                                             Met DH 2008-engaged 8/10/2011-married 7/21/12 
                                              DD1 born on her due date 05/01/2012 7lbs12oz and 19 3/4 inches long
                                                     DD2 born 12/07/2013 @ 39w6d 8lbs15oz 20 3/4 inches long
                                                          #3 EDD 09/27/2015 ~ we are going for a HOME birth!

  • Not sure if you wanted comments but just to note....

    My first I had 2 days after his due date and 48 hours after getting my membranes swept. 
    My second I had at 39 weeks 1 day and 24 hours after getting my membranes swept. 

    So I'm a big believer in the membrane sweep :) Just wanted to share. I'm planning on this one 24-48 hours after my membrane sweep at 39 weeks...although I'm aware it doesn't always work out like this :) 
  • You know, it depends how you want to interpret mine. I had her two days after her EDD. So depending on if you restart the week the day following the EDD, she came the week after. But she was born on a Friday so that was the "same" week. So what do you think @Nxy :D

    ***TW in Siggy***
    Me: 34 / DH: 33
    Married: Nov 2011
    TTC #1: Jan 2013, BFP Sept 2013, DD: June 2014
    TTC #2: Aug 2016, BFP Nov 2016, DS: August 2017
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  • NxyNxy member
    @bumpybump super-duper special snowflake  :D

    I figured like.. weeks like 38,39,40,41,42 weeks pregnant. So those are 7 day weeks of pregnancy. I'm sure someone else could have worded it better lol

    I just got curious after counting the weeks until my mom gets here. She'll be here when I'm 38+5. I am aware these numbers have no correlation to when I'll have this baby. I just like numbers   B)

    Comments are welcome  :#
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  • I had my daughter the 17th and due date was15th but I went to hospital the 16th and had her at 12:55am on the 17th,which I thought that I was going to get induced a week after due date but Doc said the walking I did on my due date for 3 hours helped speed my process :) I was 5cm dialated at doc appt on the 16th of Aug.
  • Nosy FTM here. I'm actually really glad this poll was posted because I have really been wondering the statistics! I was born early, my older sister was born early, my husband was born early... I asked my doctor if genetics had anything to do with early deliveries and he gave me a very humorous response- "genetics really doesn't play into it because the baby isn't just you and your family, it's your partner's genes too, and unless something really weird happened with your mom her babies had different genes than yours does..."  :D

    But I'm pretty convinced that with an 8/3 due date this girl's coming sometime in July. I'd be shocked if I delivered after my EDD. 

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  • OTmom3OTmom3 member
    @DeansGirl14, I was born 8 days late and via c section and according to MIL, DH was over 2 weeks late. Both of my kids were early. I was so sure I'd have a late baby during my first pregnancy bc of the common stats. 
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    #1 - DD: 7/5/12
    #2 - DS: 5/21/14
    #3 - EDD: 8/25/17

  • I was induced at 38 weeks for medical reasons with DS1 and he was born the next day.  I ended up with a c-section after not progressing.  With DS2, my water broke at 38+5, which was 6 days before my scheduled c-section.  This time, I have a scheduled c-section at 39+1 and am hoping to make it until then even though I've yet to get to 39 weeks.  

    I know a few people whose first child was born on time or early and whose second was born fairly late.  I can see how that could be frustrating since supposedly 2nd babies are more likely to be born earlier and usually by that stage, people are uncomfortable and ready to be done.
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  • I had my first at 37w (waters broke at 36+6 but she was born after midnight) im super curious to see when this one comes, maybe i have early babies, or maybe this time ill go overdue! Who knows?!
  • He came the day before his due date. 
  • ^ which was also my first day of maternity leave. Didn't even let me enjoy my first day off.  :D
  • emmeline714emmeline714 member
    edited June 2017
    @mrsmattmrsmatt1212 said:
    @emmeline714 girlfriend. All the love to you, but it's almost impossible to understand what you're saying when there's no punctuation. I really struggle comprehending what you're saying so I can't ever respond to you! I know is the internet buuuutttt...

    (#sorrynotsorry if this is pretentious, just trying to get a girl some more responses)
    I am sorry..... I was reading it myself where I was like no comprendo nada lol (i don't understand)

    I was due on August 15th last year. I thought I was going to get induced the following week but I had a doc appointment on the 16th of August and was sent to hospital after the appointment since I was 5 cm dilated. I went 2 days over due with DD. She was born August 17th at 12:55 am. On my due date I had gone to the mall for 3 hours just too walk and Doc told me that must have did it for me to be dilated to 5 cm. I am sorry I was typing to fast and did not even check to see if I even made sense.

  • @secicc12  I started laughing at myself. I sound a mess at times. 
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