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  • @scatteringashes I have a hard time too. I'm not good at small talk. I wish it was as easy as when we were kids to make friends.

    My bitch is about the OB office. I posted in the appointments thread last week that I went in for my NT scan (3rd US for this pregnancy) and the baby wasn't big enough. Well since this event I have had to call the office 3 times to ask when they are scheduling my NT scan. I called this morning and the receptionist told me the doctor still hasn't put in new order in for it. At this point I told her well I need it done in the next 6-8 business days and there is a holiday in there.

    It's so frustrating that they can't communicate within the office. The doctor is so good and I don't want to switch because the office staff sucks. Maybe it's time to speak with the office manager if they don't call me to schedule today.
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  • LemmyRNLemmyRN member
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    @scatteringashes   High five  ;)

    My rant is that first thing this morning my husband decided to give me homework, and so I have to go through and upload documents to our insurance company. I had barely finished brushing my teeth, wasn't awake even 5 minutes, and you want to delegate your bull**** immediately? Like, can I have coffee first?!
     *_*  Guess my totally obvious eye rolling and internal groaning were not appreciated. 
  • @LemmyRN OMG my DH is notorious for this!!! I try to make sure I'm out of the house before he wakes up, otherwise I am guaranteed to have a terrible cranky start to my day
  • My MBF is directed at all parties involved in closing on our new house. Has been scheduled for 2:30 today since Thursday, so I took the ENTIRE day off work... and now it is pushed back until 6. Wtf? I'm starting to doubt it'll even be today!

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  • Just venting about these freaking Harmony test results. Had my test last Monday. They said it's usually 7 days or sometimes less. Here we are...7 days later at 3pm and still haven't heard anything. I'm about to bust.
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  • schazeschaze member
    Ok I know I said phlebotomist are great a few weeks ago, but the ones DD and I got today were terrible. They had to do a blood draw twice because they had trouble with the first one. DD was amazing for the first attempt and screamed like a banshee for the second. I get that it's probably really hard to do on a one year old, but she did so well the first time so why couldn't we have just gotten it right??
  • My MBF is at my Ob/Gyn's office.  After all of the pressuring to try and get me to take these additional tests, I've called like 4 times in the past week to try and speak to the woman that called me and get more information and ask questions and she's always unavailable, the front desk staff is always trying to rush me off of the phone, and nobody bothers to call me back.
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  • @schaze I also had a bad phlebotomist experience today. She was literally digging for my veins and once I felt something pop inside of me, I was very vocal. Let's just say our annoyance was mutual when I left. Hope DD is all better now!
  • @schaze @libbberty I am a fainter and always ask for their best, quickest, most efficient phlebotomist. I'm not above telling them a little white lie to get someone who is really good at their job. The last lady I had got 6 vials of blood in 30 seconds and I didn't faint. They were also very appreciative of me telling them that I'm a fainter.
  • kelk5kelk5 member
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    This is my bitch of Thursday events: I'm starting to tell a few people at work that I'm pregnant and so far I've told 4 ppl. I've told them who else knows and that I plan to announce after the 4th of July break to give me time to tell everyone in person that I want to. So basically, I've said that after July 4th they may tell people. Some ppl have been  gossiping wondering if I'm pregnant for a few weeks and one of the ppl I told accidentally confirmed to someone asking him if I was pregnant but then told that person that it isn't public and not to say anything. So then that woman goes to her supervisor who is my peer and friend to tell them that I'm pregnant this morning. WTF. I found out because my friend texted me to congratulate me. The woman who told her is saying that she feels so bad for telling my friend (who can't have a baby and I wanted to talk to in person because I know it is hard for her even though she is happy for me). Seriously, how do people not know already that you don't go around telling people that someone is pregnant unless they have announced it or given you permission!?!!?!  
  • @kelk5 I'm so sorry that happened to you! I learned that the hard way last time. My in-laws told my BFF who struggles with infertility. I was so salty, to say the least. This time, we're waiting until we're ready for the world to know before we tell anyone. We're planning to tell both our families who will be here at a bday party and then call/text our other friends and extended family.
  • kelk5kelk5 member
    @GraceUponGrace09, that's a good idea to just tell everyone at once. I wish I would have done that. FTM mistake that I won't make again.
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