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  • How does everyone else handle the messiness of letting your LO feed themself? I feel like I have been pretty lax about a lot of things up to this point when it comes to C, but letting him feed himself drives me crazy when he's eating something that's not actually meant to be finger food. It just ends up EVERYWHERE. On the floor, on his high chair, on my kitchen table, on his face, in his ear, in his hair...the dogs have certainly found a new appreciation for him. I know obviously C has gotta learn to feed himself but on the inside I'm just screaming "Ahh stop! No don't put that there!!! Just let me do it!" the entire time. If I could just leave the room & just walk into the aftermath I feel like I'd handle it better lol. Please tell me I'm not the only one!?
  • I remind myself that the dog will clean the floor.  I try to make it the least messy possible.  Example- my husband made soup and I just gave E the veggies without the broth.  Sometimes if I'm getting anxious about the mess, I just walk away and let E do his thing.  But yea.  I don't know what people without dogs do about the messiness.  @jjtruffles ;
  • I call my dog my little wet mop. I definitely get anxious when DS is eating and the food ends up everywhere but in his mouth. I just keep reminding myself he's learning and it had gotten better. My husband is worse about it and I find myself reminding him, which in turn helps me. We are all getting better about it. I think it's one of those things we just live with knowing it'll be over eventually (then they become teens with messy rooms lol).
  • @austinjl we follow up with an allergist in 2 weeks time. L was moderate to severe for egg and mild to moderate for wheat. I'm not sure what they are planning to do but I assume they want to get the same reaction out of him since they told me the appt would be roughly 2 hours  :s
    He was so sick when he initially ate an egg with wheat toast weeks back and had welts all over his face and body, had a fever and vomited.
    I'm guessing they told you to introduce it sooner rather than later is so their body can build an immunity to it and outgrow it or so i'm told. Hoping your E is feeling better!
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  • Veggie ideas for the kiddo...aaand go...

    I feel like all she eats is green beans.  She tried corn and LOVED it...but i feel like that is more of a grain technically...She is SUPER picky about carrots and goes bat-shit crazy when she eats peas (I did too when I was young)...like up all night screaming...so peas are out.

    She loves spinach and kale in the pouches...but can they finger food that?
  • @kmurdock925 My kiddos love the Dr Praeger's spinach and kale littles. They're like veggie nuggets. I've tried them and they are super good. They can get a bit pricey to buy all the time (especially for twins!), so I'm currently searching for a copycat recipe. 
  • @shanparadise oh yay...thanks!  I'll have to look into those...
  • Broccoli is a new fav over here.  Cooked Carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, celery and zucchini are hits too.
  • I buy a lot of the organic frozen veggie bags that can be steamed up in the microwave. You can pretty much get any kind of veggie, which is nice!! We've been fortunate she really does like everything. I do peppers with corn and black beans. Usually server it with brown rice and ground turkey....kind of like a burrito bowl, lol. We do lots of the pea/corn/green bean/carrot mixes. I had some squash the other day that I sauteed. I also sliced some raw and spread some hummus on it.  
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    Broccoli is the new favorite for E. She also likes beans, carrots, corn and peppers. She's been so much better about her veggies!
  • Either I'm in denial that I'll have a 1 year old soon or I'm ignoring the fact but I feel like I'm way out of the loop on when to start the transition to milk. We've still got 3-4 tubs of formula unopened and she loves bottles I just don't know how or when to switch it out. Her next peds appointment isn't until after her 1st birthday.
  • We don't do added salt or sugar on F's food, but we steam a lot of fresh veggies or do almost like "burrito bowls" as someone mentioned. I give him a lot of eggs with veggies mixed in and he likes some seasoning (pepper, thyme, cilantro). I also use a lot of cinnamon in oatmeal or in the egg/banana pancakes or on sweet potatoes. I have done buttered toast as a snack or part of a meal and he loves that (although I guess it's the Melt brand, so not real butter, but he's had it in other things we've cooked). 
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    So, yea...kinda only half worried, but today my large producing boob, has only given me 2oz....
  • FTM53 said:
    So, yea...kinda only half worried, but today my large producing boob, has only given me 2oz....
    How much solid food is baby eating now? What did you pump yesterday? I wouldn't be too worried. But the same tricks work now, power pumping, lots of water, and lactation foods. 
  • We do a ton of pouches and then whatever we're eating for dinner, just super chopped. So far, so good. If there's a ton of spice on it, I'll rinse it off, but otherwise I just let her have it however we do, which is mainly a lot of olive oil.
  • @FTM53 L is 11.5 months and I feel like right around the 11 month mark, the same thing happened to me!! It's was nuts - went from decent daily pumps to barely getting by. 
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    Today was only 3 oz instead of 8, but I pumped at a weird time and he was nursing like crazy the passed three days because we'd went to Disney and only once we got there did I realize his sippy cup was not working. 

    Today, I started with putting regular whole milk in his bottles (doing 1 oz each week until his year birthday). His night time and morning nursing he still seems happy. Can't wait until I'm not worried about my stupid pumping anymore...
  • I kind of have too, @LDSJM123 and I agree haha!! I pump in the morning - that's it. No more work pumps which were the absolute worst!!
  • Awesome @ldsjm123.   Congrats!!!!
  • I think we're starting to wean too, I'm basically down to just breastfeeding before bed and if he wakes up in the middle of the night wanting to nurse. He's been eating so much food at every meal that it just sort of happened!
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  • I'm in the same boat.  Elijah nurses about 5 times per day plus he loves food!!!  Baby's gotta eat!
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    We nurse anywhere between 1 and 4x a day. The only consistent is his before bed nurse. Otherwise it's completely up to him depending on his recent meals and desires. So looking forward to not pumping anymore though. 
  • I know a lot of you have started or are planning to start introducing cow's milk, but what are you dairy/soy allergy moms planning? I usually use almond milk as the replacement when I have it, but haven't given it directly to P yet and wasn't planning to for awhile, but now my supply is tanking with being pregnant and on progesterone and I really need to wean now since my OB wants me to be taking baby aspirin but can't while breastfeeding. Tonight he did not do well with my low supply and bedtime was a nightmare. So I'd love to have something milk-ish to offer him!
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  • @winnie1122 oh man! Hope everything is progressing well though. I started a month ago introducing almond milk with breakfast. She likes it and we're up to 7 oz. They're going to test her at one to see if she still has a milk allergy. If not then I'll begin regular milk. 
  • I'm a soy mom and just plan to talk with the pedi at her 1 year.  I think she had a sensitivity when she was younger and not so much of an allergy because she eats cheese and yogurt like it is no one's business with no issues...but i don't want to go down the tummy trouble road again.
  • @winnie1122 What about the lactose free milk? I was buying that for the first 3-4 months, when L was having trouble with dairy. I was shocked that it really did taste exactly the same!! Not that your LO knows what cow's milk tastes like and is going to care....but it didn't taste BAD, like I expected, lol!

  • The allergist we saw suggested rice milk.  I haven't started yet but that's my plan.
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