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Effacement questions

About 37 weeks with number five, but this one hasn't ever happened to me. Went to a prenatal yesterday morning and I was 0% effaced, not dilated whatsoever. I have a history of coming late so this wasn't surprising. Yesterday afternoon I took a nasty fall onto my kitchen floor, I simply slipped on some water. Where I was hurting the drs were concerned about a partial placental Abruption. I was in the hospital until about 2 am this morning being consistently monitored. It was determined that the baby is fine, and I wasn't in labor (I knew that one, been there, felt labor before, lol) Here's the thing.....when I was there they checked me obviously and I was still 0% dilated but suddenly 30% effaced? I asked the dr (who happens to be my drs partner) how certain she was and she said very sure I was 30%. I know dilation can be subjective between doctors, but can effacement? Did my fall "speed things up" slightly?? The thought of not going to 42 weeks and having to be induced IS appealing, not going to lie there, lol

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  • Progression is different for every pregnancy, and can be rapid or slow...there is no rhyme or reason if how/or how fast.  Could the fall have helped move along? Maybe? maybe not?  
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  • It's possible the fall could speed things up. A family friend went into labor after taking a fall. 
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