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Weekly Symptoms Thread: 6/17-6/23

How ya feeling? Share and commiserate!
DS1: Nov. 2013
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Re: Weekly Symptoms Thread: 6/17-6/23

  • ^it me, also:

    DS1: Nov. 2013
    DS2: Jan. 2016
    DS3: Dec. 2017
    Baby #4 on the way!
  • Lower back pain and more headaches lately. Hard to get out of bed in the morning when I feel sore. 
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  • Lower back pain and more headaches lately. Hard to get out of bed in the morning when I feel sore. 
    Same here. I've had a headache every morning for days. Bah. 
  • PeepsterPeepster member
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    Still with the nausea and sore/itchy boobs. The food aversions don't seem quite as bad, though. So ready for 2nd tri!

    Oh, and I had some pretty bad cramping at work the past couple days. No spotting, though, luckily. I think I was just doing a lot more activity than my body has been used to lately (bending, squatting, constantly up-and-down from my chair). Plus, I know I wasn't drinking enough. I felt a lot better after drinking a ton of water. Now I'm trying to make sure I reach my goal of at least 80 oz. of water a day, even though water doesn't sound that great to me.

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  • Starving, but queasy. I get part way through a meal and just have to stop. A few bites at a time is really good for me right now. With the exception of fruit and veggies. Those both go down like a dream. Thank god there's something.
  • @Cricket99 I feel ya.  I only eat half of what i was otherwise I sick for hours.  And then I have to eat every few hours otherwise the sickness comes back.

    At 8w I am feeling more sick.  DH was really hoping this one was a boy but my ms is somewhere between DD1 and DD2.  I thankfully haven't thrown up but I have the All day sickness, burps that i had with DD1.  My nose "shuts down" and replaces certain smells with something else like urine.  It gets me off potty duty with the toddler for awhile.
  • The nausea is gone but lately I've been getting headaches.... :( and feeling so hungry all the time! 
  • Dani0329Dani0329 member
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    Nausea, all day without vomitting though, so a plus? Sometimes, I consider making myself puke for relief but then I remind myself I'm not hungover and likely it won't work.

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  • I'm still nauseous all day (and night!) and my fatigue has reached an all time high. I really really hope it gets better from here... Just a bit over 9 weeks. I remember my boobs being super painful last time, but I literally stopped breastfeeding 1 week prior to conception, so maybe that's why they don't hurt tis time around. 
  • This is week 10 for me. This week has been NOT FUN..but, last week was worse so hopefully that means each week will get better until the end of the 1st trimester! #positivethinking ! Nausea(all day), puking(actually managed to gracefully puke all of the hubs this week...felt SO bad!!), headaches(which I already have chronic migraines so a headache is bearable...just not ideal), major food aversions, and just feeling "icky" all around. The boob soreness is actually MUCH better this week. 
  • My smell sensitivity started around 8 weeks, too and it has been by far the weirdest and most frustrating thing. We just moved into the house we built right after I got pregnant, and I can't stand the "new smell". It is like the worst smell ever to my nose. 
  • I thought I was feeling better, but yesterday and today have been not so hot. Currently trying to nap on a super uncomfortable couch and avoid being social.
  • I haven't thrown up since Thursday #winning. I am also on the headache train. 
  • Yep to the headaches. Nausea has been better, except for a random day here and there where it will hit. But mostly, just headaches and crazy thirst. 

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  • ottergirl81ottergirl81 member
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    @fishee333 same here, all day nausea, fatigue is at an all time high at a little over 9 weeks. Also, tmi...diarrhea and thought for sure I was going to die. 
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  • Today pretty much all symptoms have gone. I dont feel anything, and I woke up this morning...BEFORE DH... and cleaned the house. Glad our 12 week appt is this week, I hate not feeling anything but fat!!
  • I still have little to no symptoms. I'm trying to be thankful when I know so many of you are miserable. 
    I'm 7+4 and haven't seen my OB yet and won't let out my breath until I hear the HB.
    Question: (said in traditional Dwight from the office vioce) I had wretched MS with DS from about 6wks - 16wks. Could the fact that this one is different hint that I could be having a girl? Anyone with that experience?
  • @GraceUponGrace09 it might mean girl, but it might mean nothing.  I had a dream pregnancy with DS1 no MS, no symptoms at all really.  So when I was sick as a dog with DS2 I was convinced it meant girl, but obviously I was wrong lol
    DS1: Nov. 2013
    DS2: Jan. 2016
    DS3: Dec. 2017
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  • @KatieEl well it does make me feel better to hear your two pregnancies were so different. It's been hard not to worry. Last night I woke up with pretty bad cramps and of course my mind goes crazy. And then I'm like, well maybe I'm having a girl and that could explain things...just trying to set my mind a rest. ;)
  • I'm with @madcouplewithabox The extreme thirst hit this weekend! I can chug two glasses of water at a time and it does nothing for me.I feel like I'm drinking and peeing constantly.
  • ryannenikoleryannenikole member
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    I'm...sensitive. We'll go with that. Sensitive nose, sensitive boobs, sensitive appetite, sensitive emotions...

    But no headache this morning! #win

    ETA: I definitely threw up while brushing my teeth this morning. First time ever this pregnancy. I'm 11 weeks! WTF!
  • I've been doing the B6 and half a tab of Unisom and feel fantastic- other than wanting to sleep all day. This of course is not helping my PGAL brain. I'm fighting the urge to not get out the doppler. 
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  •  :| Why. Are. My boobs. Already. LEAKING? 
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  • Have had all day aching of my uterus...not cramps, just aches and my pants are driving me batty.  They are not tight when I put them on, but when everything expands when I sit down it hits right above my pelvic bone and it hurts.  Not awful, but makes the achy feeling worse.  May be time to break out the maternity wear??  Or maybe just go up a pant size??  Opinions?
  • @egirl1025 have you tried the belly band. I hear they are awesome!
  • Thankfully for me, unlike a lot of you it seems, I never get headaches when pregnant.  
    I suffer from migraines normally but something about those pregnancy hormones my body loves it and my headaches vanish!  
    So there's some relief for me.

    fatigue hasn't been too bad this time around. I seem to remember being a lot more tired with my first. 
    But the nausea!!!! All day long!  Sometimes it comes in strong waves, sometimes it's just mild but constant.   I don't throw up often but when I do it's like everything I ate for the last week!  lol. 
    It'll be nice when that ends. 
  • My entire body has dried out...I wake up with dried up bloody nose every morning and my face is peeling like crazy, randomly. This just started 2 days ago, anyone else super dry??
  • @TInman87 me!! Whenever I get pregnant I get super dry and dehydrated... Not my face though but other areas. I just moisturize with lotion and try to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water. 
  • How much longer with the nausea? Mid-week 11, nausea improved (or maybe just masked by my head cold), and now, it's so much worse. Struggling with gagging. Ugh.
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  • I thought I was starting to feel better but I threw up for the first time for this pregnancy tonight. I'm 10+3. I needed to eat and just got sick before I ate. I threw up a handful of times with my last two kids but was hoping to avoid it this time. I took a half unisom and B6 to help me keep it together. 
  • @trudytudy That was me this morning, I'm 10w1d and had not thrown up once until this morning. I guess I officially joined the club :smile:
  • Why is the nausea so much worse at night?! I just want to sleep comfortably. I'm exhausted all day long. Bedtime finally comes and my stomach is killing me and I have insomnia. 

  • @egirl1025 have you tried the belly band. I hear they are awesome!
    I tried some extenders last time and they didn't do the job.  Still caused the lower belly discomfort.  I am going to buy some new maternity wear this time around so I will have to put that on my list.  Thanks!!
  • No nausea today! Had some energy also! Tomorrow is a new day though and who knows what might happen. 10 weeks tomorrow and official first Prenatal visit. I'm just too darn excited, lol
  • Why is the nausea so much worse at night?! I just want to sleep comfortably. I'm exhausted all day long. Bedtime finally comes and my stomach is killing me and I have insomnia. 
    Have you tried taking a Zantac right before bed and sleeping with your head elevated? I was having terrible nausea at night and it turned out that I was having terrible acid reflux at night. I also can't eat any dairy before bed, but things like a handful of peanuts help as they take a while to digest.
  • @Cricket99 I haven't tried that. Thanks! 

  • I am 10+3 today. Been super sick since 6 weeks with no signs of it backing down. Question: I woke up today with mild cramps seems to radiate from side to side. Anyone experiencing cramping on and off at this point? Thanks!!!
  • @EmilyBurkhart I noticed some mild cramping for a day or so last week when I was 9 weeks. I thought maybe I needed more water or maybe it was intestinal. I'm also 10+3 today and still feeling not too hot. 
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