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Migraine for the first time!

Hi girls,
im 33+ weeks into by 1st pregnancy and i have been hit by what looks like migraine for the last few days. I have never had it before. i have been suffering from constant unilateral headache, facial pain, pain around the lefy eye and even teeth ache! My ob/gyn said it more likely migraine. I dint know what to do! Its unbearable! Any ideas how to get rid of it? Paracetamol does little!

Re: Migraine for the first time!

  • Did you get checked out for sinus infection, because that's exactly how I felt when I got one. Pain behind/around the eye, top teeth hurt, massive headache - everything you describe.  
  • Thanks 3rescuepups!
    i dont have stuffy nose but i have always been prone to sinus and nasal congestion. Did they put u on antibiotics for that?
    thanks, i will definitely get my sinuses checked out
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  • I have had them without a stuffy nose, it was just all the pressure.  Yes. They did have me on antibiotics for that.  If that's what it is, you don't want it to get worse.  Hopefully you can find an answer and if need be, proper medication.  Hopefully you feel better soon, whatever may be going on. 
      Update when you figure things out.
  • Will do. Thanks a bunch!
  • Hi 3rescuepups!
    guess what its an infection alright.most likely a sinus infection just like u said! They cant confirm without an x ray.im on amoxicillin now which is the safest antibiotic ever. Steam inhalation tends to help a bit too. I think im slightly better than yesterday.thanks alot for ur advice once again. :)
  • I am so glad you got it checked out.  :) you should really start to feel better soon, now! Glad it worked out! :)
  • hi 3rescuecups! Just a quick update on my sinus issue.im on my 5th day of antibiotics and i must admit my syptoms have cleared up quite a bit! Thanks heaps once again.i can finally concentrate on decorating my baby room!
  • Glad that you are feeling much better! Best wishes on the rest of your pregnancy! 
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