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Healthy Eating/Exercise Check In June 13

How was last week?

What are your food and/or exercise goals this week?

What do you struggle the most with lately?


Re: Healthy Eating/Exercise Check In June 13

  • How was last week?
    my first week home was better than the second week.  First week I was on the healthy eating train and then last week I had more snacks And desserts.  Oopsie.

    food and exercise goals:  I rejoined weight watchers but haven't started tracking yet.  With breast feeding I have like a billion points so it probably won't hurt to start tracking soon.  I also bought a scale so I'm going to get on that one of these days.  I cannot exercise but we are going on stroller walks and I'm trying to walk around the house more.  I need to put my Apple Watch back on (like jens_hoes) to start counting my steps and calories more. 

    Struggle:  trying to eat healthy this week!  Ugh.  I just want cake and cookies 
  • Ok, so this might be easier than answering questions lol I'm really just trying to drink more water and eat more veggies. I feel like we've been eating a bunch of pasta because that's mainly what the frozen meals were my mom got us. I haven't cooked too much until last week and realized we barely had any veggies. Went to the store this weekend and got some though! So the goal is to have more balanced meals and drink more water! 

    Not really exercising yet, 4 weeks pp tomorrow. We've gotten out a little bit and just walked around wherever we were. Couldn't really take walks outside because of the rain. Hoping this week we can do some of that, but in the morning or evening because it's so hot here. I'm not a huge exercise person but I will go for walks. 

    Hope me everyone has a great week! 

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  • @mcvgal, great job on the 5K! That's awesome that you're back to running.

    How was last week? My weeks are blurring together. I don't think it was very good exercise/food-wise.

    What are your food and/or exercise goals this week? I've been better about not snacking between meals. I need to cut back on the sweets, but I'm terrible at moderation (hence, why I don't drink alcohol). I'm going to *gasp* not have any desserts tomorrow.

    What do you struggle the most with lately? Sweets, going for walks in the heat, exhaustion.

    Questions/concerns? None. My doctor has cleared me for all activity, so it's time to do some real workouts. I should probably start doing laps in the pool. 
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  • @mcvgal Awesome!! That's a great time!

    I need to start some pelvic PT before I get back to running. Otherwise it ends up being rather ... soggy. 

    Sticking to stroller walks and swimming (did a laughable 200 the other day when DD1 was playing at the pool we joined) for now. 

    Sweets are my kryptonite. 

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  • Now that I've weaned from exclusively pumping, I need to really start watching my portion sizes again and the amount I'm snacking. Also, I need the motivation to start stroller walking. I have every intention to and then something or nothing happens, lol, and another day has gone by.

    But this is week 5 pp for me and, well, i need to step up my game. 

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  •  I don't really belong here yet because I'm not really ready to start trying to lose weight. I am a little frustrated because I only lost 8 pounds from my weight when I left for the hospital. Claire alone weighed 8 pounds so I don't know how that's possible.
    I'm definitely struggling with the breast-feeding hunger. it is for real!  I've been taking it really easy on myself because of my 4th degree tear.   I am basically terrified it won't heal right. Plus I'm pretty sore. Hoping in the next couple of days the weather will cooperate and we can take a walk in the morning. 
     Next week I'm hoping to start cooking a little more instead of relying on everyone else to bring me food.  But H and I really need to both go on diets because were hoping to go to Jamaica in November. And there's no time like the present!  Planning to do the 21 day fix after I get cleared to exercise!
  • @ShadeofGreen816 I had no idea you had a 4th degree!  Take care of yourself and take it easy :(. Don't be frustrated about only losing 8lbs.  I am impressed you were brace enough to weigh yourself.  I would give yourself some time and once you start cooking hopefully it will improve.  We built up the weight over 40 weeks so we need to give ourselves some time to get it back down.  
  • @rkstro2 they initially told me it was a third degree but later said it was a "mild" 4th degree. Whatever! Haha she spent an hour and 20 min stitching me up. But I decided to take a peek the other day and it doesn't look nearly as bad as I thought it would - or as bad as it felt like it would look! I'm trying to be really good about limiting my activity so I'll heal well. But I'm getting very used to being still and being waited on by MH! 
  • How was last week? Last week I barely ate, I've gotten too use to barely eating any food before I feel miserable

    What are your food and/or exercise goals this week? Making sure I eat something for every meal. I'm not even going to get after myself if the meals are on the small side until next week.

    What do you struggle the most with lately? Getting the motivation to find something to eat. I want easy, we don't have easy foods!


    @mcvgal dang girl! Way to go on the 5k!
  • @ShadeofGreen816 an hour and 20 minutes! Holy sh!t!

  • Jens_Hoes said:
    @ShadeofGreen816 an hour and 20 minutes! Holy sh!t!
    Right?!? I was glad for the epidural all along but especially then!! I don't know how women without epis could handle that. I apparently tore in a W pattern.  :# to be fair, it took so long because she took sone of them out and redid them because she didn't like the way they were looking. Which I'm thankful for. 
  • auro_cauro_c member
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    How was last week?

    well, a bit overwhelmed with my breastfeeding and baby wanting to be with me all the time. 

    What are your food and/or exercise goals this week? I finally went back to yoga!! I pumped and let lo with his dad. He actually behaves when I'm not around...he smells my milk!

    What do you struggle the most with lately? Finding time to cook. And the sweet cravings, especially at night when I feed him.

    Questions/concerns? My ob/gyn told me I couldn't run until my belly muscles are back to their previous state.
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