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Night terrors?!

My son is almost 10 months old and he has been waking up screaming a few hours after I put him to sleep and its like hes throwing a tantrum. I take him out of the crib ans he gets worse thrashing and screaming bloody murder not even acknowledging me. Until he eventually just stops and lays his head down on me. It is extremely scary I can't do anything to comfort him or lay in my bed with him. He also has very bad tantrums durring the day and he has for months. I don't know if that can have anything to do with it. And he also never wakes up happy, from naps or nighttime sleep, he used to just wake cooing now he is just always extremely upset and sometimes takes a bit to even let out a smile. Has anyone else experienced anything like this ? I am a single mom and 3 months ago he started visitation at his fathers house one day over every weekend for 6 hours. So I did see a big difference in him when that started taking place because he had never been alone with his father or at his house. 

Re: Night terrors?!

  • Who else is at the father's house when your little one is there?
    Is there any way that you can put some kind of camera device in his bag to try amd see or hear what happens?
    What is he like when the father is around?
    Is he still nursing? That could be part of it, not being able to nurse from you and being seperated from you completely for that amount of time.

    Is there anyway to reduce the amount of time the father has with him and then slowly work the time back up?

    Could there be something in the house that the little one is allergic to?

    Im so sorry that you and your little one are suffering so. I wish I had some better advice to give you, but it's hard to know what's going pn exactly since we are not there in person.

  • @Anics87 so sorry you and your son are going through such a tough time. I second that it could be a touch of separation anxiety from you at his fathers. 
    I read around this time babies have huge brain developments. They also are close to crawling/walking and may be teething. This can make the sleeping horrible. I know my DD, 9.5m, has woken up crying from nightmares. It could be a combo of separation anxiety and mental development? I hope you all can find a solution soon, for everyone's sake.
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