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Switching preschools

We have both kids at the same preschool (2.5 and just turned 5).  Our oldest has been going there since age 2.5 and it's been great, but about a year into it their turnover rate just starting getting worse and worse.  3 directors in 3 years, teachers leaving left and right.  Now, with just 4 months left until kindergarten, they let the preK teacher go, for the dumbest reason that she had issues with attendance.  (But I know there was more to to it than that). This preK teacher is just amazing and really the only reason we've stayed this long.  I know other teachers who have quit because they were fed up with working there and the current director, so I know there is something wrong internally and myself and other parent's are very upset.  I can't believe they couldn't just make it work until the kid's move on to kindergarten!! Most of the parents are even taking their kids out of the school with just these 4 months left!  One of their floater teachers had her last day last week, so they are short staffed and their back up plan preK teacher just doesn't cut it.  Thinking about my daughters 2.5 years left of preschool I've decided to move them both to a more stable preschool, many referrals and good reviews, and they'll start right away.  This was not an easy decision but my son's best buddies from the current preschool were leaving too and I didn't want him to be the only one left! However I do feel super guilty and nervous about the switch since he'll be going to kindergarten in just 4 months.  Side note: one teacher that quit from their old preschool actually works at the new one and she was my son's first teacher and he loved her! So that will hopefully help! I'm sick over the whole thing but I think it will be just fine in the long run.  Just can't take the instability! Either way he'd be going through a transition.  Just need some tips to get through it and not feel so guilty! 

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