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Is my bfp REALLY a bfp...?

My husband and I just finished our first round of Follistim and Pregnyl trigger and timed intercourse. Today is 2 days before my expected AF and it's been 7 days since I last injected pregnyl (1/2 ml). I figured by now the very small amount of pregnyl that was injected would be out of my body. I have a GLARING positive result on first response. It shows up immediately and it's darker than the test line. Am I imagining this? Could this finally be my bfp? Or am I hopefully wishing it's a bfp and it's really just the drugs...thoughts?

Re: Is my bfp REALLY a bfp...?

  • Are you pregnant?
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  • srh18srh18 member
    @klpangrcic congrats!! I am also currently pregnant with triplets!! Would love to have a fellow triplet mom to chat with if you want!
  • Wow....did you write Triplets, amazing simply
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