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hey everyone so for over two weeks now I have been spotting every day. Not enough to fill a pad but some days enough to get onto the pad. Most days it's a brownish color but others it's reddish. I have even passed tiny clots when I pee.  I have been to my normal doctor and the ER and they both say it's fine not to worry unless I soak a pad. 
I also have been taking progesterone and have a nebothian cyst on my cervix. Just curious if anyone else has ever experienced this. I have had two previous miscarriages but this time around even with bleeding baby is doing great. Just wish I knew the cause 

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  • I wish I could offer you some advice, but I don't really have much... But I wanted to tell you I had bleeding a few weeks ago at 7 weeks and went to the ER because it was red and there was some clotting on the tp too. I panicked, I thought for sure the worst was happening, my DF was out of town and my mom came straight from church to be with me at the hospital, it was so stressful. Those clots scared me, but after having an ultrasound (which I wasn't allowed to watch) I felt better. Doctor said baby looked fine, no bleeding around baby and baby's heart rate was 153. I don't know why it happened, but they assured me that bleeding during pregnancy is quite normal. I'm now 9w3d and have had no issues. I go back to the doctor Tuesday (a week from today) and I'm gonna ask for another ultrasound just to check everything out, just to be super sure. How far along are you? If you don't mind my asking? Congrats btw! 
  • Thank you haha your story is exactly like mine. I was at beach and went to ER same thing ultrasound was completely normal. I'm now 9w5d 
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