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Hello from the new gal (TW)

Hi there everyone, I am new here and still learning the ropes, so I hope I don't accidentally break any rules. I have been TTC for 6 cycles now, with two losses, and hoping to chat with some other TTCers and hopefully make some internet friends along the way. I would describe myself as a POAS addict, because let's face it, every cycle I say I won't go crazy, but then I do. I have a 13 yo daughter from a previous relationship and two lovely doggies. 

Re: Hello from the new gal (TW)

  • Hi there @janelane33! Welcome to the forums! Have you checked out the Trying to Get Pregnant board yet? There are lots of other ladies sharing a similar journey and I think that you can make some wonderful friends there! Be sure to read the Newbie Guide and then jump right in in the WTO or TWW daily threads (depending on where you are in your cycle). Also if you'd like, you can introduce yourself in the weekly Newbie Intro Thread as well (the ladies on the TTGP board would love to meet you!).
  • @jennycolada Hi! Thank you for the welcome! I have checked out the ttgp board and have found a few forums that are of interest to me and have already met some others. I read the newbie guide and found it very helpful, I will for sure check out the Newbie intro thread as well. So far I am enjoying my time here!  :)
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