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Birthday Gift Ideas

As we're closing in on our little ones' birthdays, I know we'll all be getting the question, "What does little one want/need for their birthday?" Beyond clothes, I'm totally drawing a blank. Any fun gift suggestions you are telling people who ask? And what do you plan to get little one? Looking for some inspiration. 

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  • Oh oh, I can give suggestions, as our shopping is done. We snagged a grandma babysitter last week and had a dinner date/birthday shopping trip night. Miles has clothes, as you said, but also a board puzzle with the big wooden handles and just a few shapes to fit, a couple of books, the small stuffed dolls for the three PJ Masks main characters, and a little couch his size. I'm suggesting for relatives and friends that ask: Disney movies to watch as his attention span grows this year, an outdoor swing, a kiddie pool, and maybe a bike trailer if someone asks for a 'big gift'.
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  • We got the twins a water table, but when asked by others what to get them, I suggested a bubble machine, beach accessories for our upcoming trip to Hawaii, Fisher Price Little People, and Ezpz mats. We also received several VTech toys and an electronic drum set. 
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  • meggymemeggyme member
    I have an Amazon list I occasionally add things to. A couple things are a latch board, a folding wagon for beach and park days, swim lessons, and books.
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  • I never do big gifts when my kids are really little. My parents are probably the only other people who will get her anything, and they do small gifts usually. Things I know she would actually like or use include:

    lift the flap books
    bath toys
    baby safe crayons or finger paint
    water shoes for splash pads this summer 
    a new tooth brush
    new sippy cups

    If I didn't already have them I would consider a kiddie pool, toddler size table and chairs, and a drum or musical instrument set. 
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  • lm45678lm45678 member
    From us- a little climber for outside, a tiny play kitchen and a bubble lawn mower. I'll probably get some clothes too.

    Feom grandparents- a water table and a little pool with an umbrella over it.

    Defiiitely following this for suggestions when other people ask!
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    We told our family to stick with clothes and books but I know they bought him small toys as well. I can't wait to finally have a yard so we can get some fun outdoors stuff. Who knows when that will happen though. Any ideas for outdoor toys we can easily take with us to the parks? Otherwise we'll probably get him puzzles, clothes, and books. Maybe some other stuff, I may steal some of the ideas you ladies throw on this thread.
  • We've got him this, it sort of grows with him until he's 3 if I remember correctly:

    My parents have bought a sand and water table and we've also got him some of those wooden puzzles with the pegs.

    People keep asking me what he wants/needs and I have no idea!
  • We're getting a slide for outside, because we were visiting a friend over the weekend and he LOVED theirs. I would also like to get him some kind of climbing structure for outside, since he climbs on everything, but I haven't really looked for one yet. We've been having a lot of outdoor fun so dr this summer, so I'm all about any outdoor activities. 
  • When asked, we've suggested clothes, outdoor toys or gift cards to target/babies r us for baby essentials.  I am trying to not end up with a billion noisy toys for inside the house  :#
  • I didn't do a wish list or anything. We got Calvin one of those Radio Flyer 4 in 1 Trikes (which my husband completely went overboard with and customized to the nines). We also got him a bunch of books because we are a family of proud nerdy bookworms
  • You guys have such great ideas! I knew I could count on you. Lots of good ideas to share with family now. Woo hoo! Happy planning for birthday parties! Audri's is next weekend, so we're in full swing cleaning and planning. Can't wait! 
  • Just got Preston's gifts.  We found a pop up Castle tent that you can even put balls in for a mini ball pit and a bathtub activity center!!!!
  • We bought Damien one of those roadmap mats and a couple of vehicles to go on it, a little football, and a DUPLO Lego set. 

    @adiaz132003 Daycare has one of those, so cute to see the babies playing in and around it (when the balls get loose). Damien really loves it. We don't have the room for one at home so he'll just have to enjoy it at daycare.
  • Tristan has been stacking and liking to put things inside other things, so I told everyone to look for toys that promoted that kind of play and as always books make the list.  So he got some stacking cubes and toys where you have to match shapes to their slots.  He is completely loving them and it is helping with his motor skills.  Communication skills seems to be lagging, but he is making small improvements here and there.  Hopefully more reading and verbal interactions with his new toys will help.  I can tell he understands more words, but he doesn't verbalize himself yet.  I am not too worried at this point, but am keeping an eye out.
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