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How early can you find out?

I feel like I should know these answers, this isn't my first rodeo. I took progesterone to kickstart my cycle after 10 months of breastfeeding and then weaning, and promptly got my first period on may 8 (ds1 just turned 1). It last 5 days. My dh and I had sex cycle days 6,7, 10, 11, 13-16, and 19. Today is cd20. My prior pregnancies I temped, this one I did not, so I don't know when I would have ovulated. Usually I have a 30-33 day cycle but this being my first one I'm not sure if it's different. I've been having tugging and cramping feelings in my uterus so today I took 2 pink dye frers and they both are positive. Took are clear blue digital and it was negative. I know it would be very early, the what to expect tracker app I down loaded said 2 weeks 5 days pregnant lol. Is this even possible to know so early? Can an expert help me with the math? I will go for blood work asap,but being a holiday have to wait, though I'm very anxious due to my history of ectopic and early miscarriage. All those old fears came rushing back. Anyway, has anyone else tested this early and had this result, or perhaps both my tests are faulty? (They were not faint). 
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Re: How early can you find out?

  • Without temping its impossible to know when you ovulated, and there is also a varied amount of time between conception, implantation and sufficiant hotmone release. it can be as little as 7 days, or as late as 14-16 days. I got my positive on a FRER 5 days before i was due. The reason for a negative digital is likely just because they are nowhere near as sensitive. I didnt get a positive on a digital until about 10 days after my positive FRER.  CD 20 is incredibly early, but since it was your first cycle post BF you could have just ovulated super early this month (again, without temping there is no way to know) two positive FRERs would definitely indicate pregnancy. Your doc will likely order a dating scan if your bloodwork comes back positive, so i guess you will have a better idea then! - also usually i would say wait until around when you are due to go to the docs, but since you have a history of ectopic i would go sooner. 
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