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I am 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant and I am scared to have a 4th csection because my last obgyn said they won't do it because their r to many risks and something bad can happen. So ever since then I feel so scared. Has anyone had a fourth csection if so how did it go ?

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  • mesamytmesamyt member
    I have had 3 myself. My doctor said there is more of a risk if I have a 4th but they would do their very best to monitor and they definitely do not want me to labor at all. That being said my husband's cousin has had 6 sections without a hitch. I hope you can find a doctor that you are happy with and that looks out for you and lo. Good luck!  
  • I'm TTC#3 and it'll be my 3rd, doctor has no concerns. I have a friend who has had 4 c/s w/o any issues. Did you have any issues w/ any c/s or are your pregnancies very close together? Anything that would make him concerned above and beyond it being your 4th?
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