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Wednesday Ticker Change - 5/17

Happy Hump Day!!

How far along are you?

How big is baby?

Upcoming appointments this week?

Any new symptoms or changes?


GTKY: What is your favorite baby purchase so far? Bonus points for pics!
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Re: Wednesday Ticker Change - 5/17

  • How far along are you? 30 weeks

    How big is baby? Zucchini

    Upcoming appointments this week? Yes tomorrow

    Any new symptoms or changes? Crotch sweat. Gross.

    Rants/Raves/Questions? I checked into a hotel yesterday for work and the person said "shouldn't be long now huh?". I said "actually I still have 2.5 months." He looked shocked and said "REALLY?". Apparently Marriott doesn't give pregnancy etiquette training.

    GTKY: What is your favorite baby purchase so far? Bonus points for pics! 
    Mostly I'm reusing previous things I had or getting hand me downs so I'd have to say a couple cute outfits I bought new for baby. Sorry no pics!
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  • How far along are you? 31 weeks

    How big is baby? 
    As big as a foam finger! LOL

    Upcoming appointments this week? 
    Midwife appt this afternoon

    Any new symptoms or changes? 
    So much wakes me up at night. And the night hots have started 


    GTKY: What is your favorite baby purchase so far? Bonus points for pics! 
    I got 2 pairs of sandals for little man. And I don't care how ridiculous it is, I love them. From Old Navy, a pair of flip flops and a pair of birkenstock-looking sandals. They are so tiny and adorable!
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  • tuxielove93tuxielove93
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    How far along are you? 32 weeks! 

    How big is baby? 
    Big. He measured 4 pounds at 30 weeks, so he's bigger than the average (90th percentile or so?) and so the apps idea of how big he is would be way off. I think he could be up to five pounds by now, which would certainly explain how freaking uncomfortable I am. I keep telling myself that I'm so uncomfortable because it's like I have a 34-35 week baby in me instead of a 32, but that's not making the rest of this wait any shorter. I also keep counting to 37 weeks instead of 40 for weeks left, because it makes me feel better. I want him to cook as long as he needs, but mentally I need a shorter goal. 

    Upcoming appointments this week? 
    Just had one yesterday and everything looked great! 

    Any new symptoms or changes? 
    I will not post pictures or describe, but I'm pretty sure I lost a small piece of my mucus plug. My back is also getting exponentially worse. See rant. Otherwise, I'm getting warm really easily, which is really strange for me because I almost always am cold. I feel for women who are normally warm and then have pregnancy to contend with on top of it. I'm also more tired and more hungry, but I think that's too be expected. 


    Mini rant: Like I said, I'm pretty sure I lost a small piece of my mucus plug, and my midwife barely even cared when I told her. I know it's probably not a big deal, but I wish she would have at least checked my cervix just so I would know..... sigh. Bigger rant: My back is a wreck. This one specific spot is all messed up and if I sit up, or really stay in any position too long, it's start spasming. I went to a chiropractor hoping that would fix it, and it's only gotten worse. I don't think the chiropractor actually made it worse but it sure hasn't helped. The worst is when I try to drive, so I'm sort of home bound now, which doesn't bode well for me.

    GTKY: What is your favorite baby purchase so far? Bonus points for pics! 
    Oh this is hard. I love a lot of the stuff I've got, but I haven't purchased all that much, and now the purchasing is the "unfun" stuff. I think this is probably my fav. I haven't revealed his name yet on here, and I won't until he's born, but it's related to wolves, and so this sleeper is just too darn perfect. 

    ETA: photo from my phone, but I wrote this out on desktop. 

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    (we clearly have a problem with the month of July)
  • How far along are you?
    How big is baby?
    A pineapple OR a fanny pack!
    Upcoming appointments this week?
    Just had my appointment yesterday, everything looks great, Little Dude is measuring a week ahead!
    Any new symptoms or changes?
    So much swelling! I've also started getting some more concentrated back contractions. Those bitches HURT!
    Rave: I found out that I AM getting to come back to my current position after maternity leave, that the new girl they hired is just a fill-in and will go to a different position when I come back. I was SO worried about that for the past few weeks - I work in plumbing and HVAC, a very male-oriented industry, and there are only three other women in the office, aside from myself. I was stressing that since they weren't used to dealing with a pregnancy in the workplace that I would just be cast aside as a health casualty. But I found out that all the techs were really pulling for my return...just make me melt into a puddle, why don't ya? XD
    GTKY: What is your favorite baby purchase so far? Bonus points for pics!
    I don't have any pictures just yet since I just ordered it, but since I'm kind of in confined space, I got a Fisher Price Snugapuppy Rock'n'Play Sleeper. It was the one I really wanted AND it was on sale! Now I feel like I'm more prepared and not in such a bind. 
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  • Hey y'all! I'm trying to jump back in.  I was active a few months back, but kinda dropped off the face of the earth (aka July bmb) because I hit a really insane time at work.  I have been lurking like a crazy person so hopefully I can keep up again. 

    How far along are you? 30 weeks 

    How big is baby? 
    Half of a large Cheesecake Factory cheesecake (Oh em gee). 3 stacked Hungry Man TV dinners, zucchini (I guarantee this baby is chunkier than that haha), a motorcycle helmet (yikes... but it totally looks like one is stuck under my shirt haha), a summer cantaloupe, and a platypus (aww!)

    Upcoming appointments this week? 
    Nope. Not until next Wednesday 

    Any new symptoms or changes? 
    Swelling is getting pretty bad.  The 90*+ days haven't helped anything at all.  I'm getting a feeling of general discomfort more often.  And the Braxton Hicks are getting a lot more frequent. 

    I seem to have caught DS cold/bronchitis.  I feel like such a baby, but being sick while pregnant is literally the worst.  I would kill for some cold medicine.  It's already hard enough to breathe these days! 

    GTKY: What is your favorite baby purchase so far? Bonus points for pics! 
    We have most everything we need from DS but stuff for her nursery is probably my favorite.  I posted a lot of pics in the nursery thread yesterday but I'm on a different computer today so I don't have them here.

    @Creedon778 it's amazing how many comments I've already gotten about my size vs how long I have left.  It makes me stabby.  I really think people just have no idea what a 40+ week pregnant woman looks like and they don't realize that every carries differently.  It's like people automatically feel they have a pass to comment on your body/size/weight/etc the moment you get pregnant.
    @hyperangel_8509 Impractical or not, I'm on team baby shoes.  This little girl already has quite the collection haha. And I think I have those birkenstock style Old Navy sandals for my 3 year old DS! So cute!
    @kerils re: mucus plug.  I know it doesn't help anything at all, but your mucus plug can regenerate so you can lose pieces (big and small) but have no progress.  Unfortunately it doesn't really mean anything.  Sorry, lady! Fx the rest of your pregnancy flies by and you aren't too miserable! 
    @DarkSerendipity I work in a predominately male industry as well and it definitely comes with its challenges.  How awesome that they were all pulling for you to get your position back! Such a relief to know that you will, I'm sure! 

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