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Popping over from TTTC, question for IVF mamas/mamas of multiples

Hi! I'm popping over from TTTC. Just started our first FET cycle post fresh IVF 2 months ago. Last time we transferred just 1 embryo because our clinic has high success rates with that and I'm only 21 so that's what they recommended, but now I'm trying to decide how many to transfer this cycle. The little chart that they gave me showed a 61% success rate (of our clinic) with eSET, and a 65% success rate with DET with 35% singleton, 29% twins, 1% triplets. On one hand I'd like to do 2 to have higher chances, but on another hand it's only a 4% increase and I'm legitimately worried about medical complications with twins based on my one friend who's an IVF mama of 2 and had a particularly rough go of it. Thoughts? Suggestions? This may be the last cycle we can do for a while. We may be able to do 1 more but we've been trying to attack this hard since our 1 year mark (btw no diagnosis - unexplained IF cause all trsts have come back perfect) so we're in need of a break if this doesn't work. Please help!

Re: Popping over from TTTC, question for IVF mamas/mamas of multiples

  • I am a big proponent of 1 and my clinic really pushes that. I would try 1 another time and then if that doesn't work, consider maybe 2. 
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  • I'm a bit late, but I transferred 3 and ended up with triplets. I had a completely healthy pregnancy with just a touch of GD and delivered at 33w1d. I was hospitalized once, when I started leaking amniotic fluid the day before they were born. They were in the nicu for 22 and 23 days. 
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