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Twatwaffle Tuesday 05.16.17

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@LadyBug2821 Thanks for teaching an old dog the new trick!

Re: Twatwaffle Tuesday 05.16.17

  • This guy at my job is a TW.  My friend that used to work in my dept now has a leadership position in another dept but still gets all the gossip.  She told me that while I was on mat leave this guy that I used to support said he no longer wanted me to do so.  Honestly, that is fine with me because he is such a diva and I really didn't want to work with him either.  The reason he didn't want to work with me was because I'm the only person that will tell him no and he doesn't like that.  Well now he has a brand new person supporting him that doesn't know the job and guess who he is asking for help.  My friend told me not to say anything but I really, really want to and also want to throw it in his face that because he has an attitude problem, he lost the person that knows the job best and no, I will not help you.  But I told her I wouldn't say anything :/.  I told her a long time ago I'm too confrontational to tell me things like this so don't tell me anything unless she thinks my job is on the line.  I guess she forgot lol.
  • Oh gosh, I'm the same way. I sense plenty of glaring in the future! Haha
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  • The weather is a twatwaffle. Looks like storms for the next five days :/
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