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  • She loves to smile :).
  • What a big beautiful smile it is! :)
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  • I can't believe he is crawling!  I think that is so awesome.
  • Little turd still won't sit up though! I've stopped trying to make him. I figure he'll sit up on his own when he decides he wants or needs to.
  • Kgridley27Kgridley27
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    Sorry if this is huge...
  • @kgridley27 ; How is your trip going?  I have that same stroller but I still put S in the carrier and connect that to the stroller.  I wonder if she's big enough to sit in that part now.  She would probably love our walks even more since she could see everything.
  • Going great, thanks! I can't explain how lovely it has been to have all of this time together. He seems to be learning so much this week and he's totally tuckered out by the end of the day. I think S would definitely be fine in the regular part of the stroller. B loves looking around and it reclines back pretty far for naps
  • brzvicebrzvice
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    Here's the happy little traveler 
    Image result for its raining meme

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    @kgridley27 I just want to play with his hair!

    @brzvice Those rosey cheeks though... <3
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