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FSH levels - what do they mean?

I'm new to everything (we have our first RE consult on the 23rd), and I had my day 3 bloodwork done yesterday. Being that our insurance is super fast I already have my results for almost everything online.

Everything seemed to be normal, but my FSH levels are 9.2. According to one website being just a little over the cusp of being good, but rating as "fair" as far as my ovarian reserve. Being that I'm under 25 it's recommended my levels be 7 or under, so I'm not really sure if I should be prepare myself to be concerned or wait and see what the doctor says since everyone has different ranges and standards. 

I know no one here is a doctor, but hoping someone can shed some light on this for me so I'm better prepared. 

Re: FSH levels - what do they mean?

  • I think you should wait and see what your RE says.  FSH is only a part of the picture with regards to the ovarian reserve.  Your RE will probably take a look at the AMH level, and antral follicle count, on top of the FSH level to assess your ovarian reserve.
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    @cashewchicken I figured as much. From what I've read under 10 is considered normal but I know there's so many other factors... And I'm sure I will get an ultrasound. 
    They only ordered TSH, FSH, estradiol, prolactin and some other tests for immunity.
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    @brittlefebvre I've been told (and read) that anything under 10 is normal. If your RE didn't order AMH, then he or she will certainly be planning an antral follicle count ultrasound as @cashewchicken noted, and that will be a much better indicator of your ovarian reserve than the FSH. 

  • @adirat That makes me feel better, thank you! I'm only 24 (well will be 24 on Friday), but I had childhood cancer thus radiation to the abdomen and I'm so paranoid it is the cause of these issues. But I won't know until further tests are done.  :s
  • Good luck with your tests! hopefully, they will come fine! :)
    It is normal that you feel nervous and even paranoid but I would advise you to maybe calm down a bit (even though this is really hard). let it go and wait till you see the whole picture.
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