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First Trimester Check-in May1


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  • @Jeansis @wabash15 @omarismyhomeboy @stella_700 @srh18 @jackiesmom324

    Thanks for all your well-wishes! I was able to get in to see a midwife this morning. Had an ultrasound and baby had a strong heartbeat, bouncing around (per usual), and was measuring right on target. I couldn't help but cry when we saw everything was okay.

    It seems the bleeding is from the other embryo as it dissolves. The midwife said I can expect to bleed lightly like I have been for maybe a couple more days and then it should turn to spotting and then stop. I feel relieved, but I would feel much better if the bleeding would actually just stop. It did give me a bit of a scare at 1am this morning when I wiped and saw a bright red streak on the toilet paper. But since then it's gone back to brown (and even dark brown). Still no cramps or pain. But now of course I'm hyper-aware of any sensation and it's stressing me out.

    But... feeling better than I did before the appointment. Now to catch up on the sleep I missed entirely last night...
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  • @lafemmeviolette I'm so glad your baby looked great. Spotting/bleeding is always scary. hugs
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  • @LeFemmeViolette omg yay you made my day
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