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This is my first child and I am feeling overwhelmed. Where are some stores that you can buy baby cribs and changing tables with a dresser?

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  •  Not sure how much you're looking to spend, but personally I'd start looking at IKEA if you have one near you. With my first baby I went crazy with this huge, bulky crib and I hate it. We now have since passed that crib onto baby #2 and my oldest has an IKEA crib now that turns into a daybed for when we transition him from the crib. I LOVE the IKEA crib so much more and it was like a third of what the other one cost. 
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    I'm having my first too! Just found the PBK crib I wanted used on Craigslist for 60% off and they threw in the mattress at no extra cost. Went to pick ut up this morning and they were so generous they gave me a whole bunch of baby stuff they don't need anymore. I highly recommend Craigslist.
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