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Worried about cat and baby

I have a cat that is very affectionate and is like my shadow. Follows me everywhere. Needs to sleep directly beside me during the night, and will howl when she isn't in our room with me. She's an elderly cat that I rescued and had a hard life before me. I'm worried the cat will crawl into bassinet with the baby, so I want to lock her out the room. However I'm worried she will howl and I don't want to cause a lot of distress to her. Anyone experienced something similar?

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  • vixeyvixey member
    My cats are also very affectionate, and they want nothing to do with DD. DD is 3, and they will let her pet them a few times, but that's it. They like to be in the same room as us, but keep their distance from her (she's never been rough or tried to grab at them, btw)

    you will just have to wait and see how your cat acts around the baby. You should get the bassinet out before baby comes and teach your cat it's not allowed to be in the bassinet. 

    When DD was an infant, we kept the door to her room closed at all times to keep our cats out
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  • delujm0delujm0 member
    I have a very affectionate cat who I was worried about...he often sleeps on DHs face at night.  Before DD was born he would sleep in the crib and bouncy chair.  Once she arrived and he realized those items belonged to the Small Loud Thing, he avoided them and her completely.

    She's almost 2 now and he will occasionally allow her to pet him or give him treats but otherwise keeps his distance from her while still cuddling with DH and I when she's not around.  Her nursery doesn't have a door on it so we can't force him out but he avoids it on his own.
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  • As it's been suggested, as you get closer to delivery, pull out the bassinet and introduce items that baby will need and use, just to get kitty adjusted. My cat needed that. Granted he's too fat to get himself into the crib, so that was never a fear of mine. But like it was suggested, bring those items out closer to 3rd tri. 

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  • Fat cats lolol @sdLindenberg he's too fat to get in the bassinet  :D
    splsmama2016[Deleted User]greenhillgirljolap
  • Right before DS was born I bought a cat tree and made a little kitty corner outside the bedroom. They didnt mind me shutting the door after that.

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  • lula922lula922 member
    My cat is the same way and lovesss on me constantly. Currently wrapped around my belly. She definitely knew I was pregnant before we did. 
    Im worried about her jumping into the crib but I'm hoping she'll just continue her antics of sleeping on my mans feet. Im a kicker so she likes him at night. I heard about crib tents but I think they've been discontinued. I was thinking of squirt bottle if she goes near the babies stuff (btw I'm having twins) before they get here.
    but my bigger concern is if they are allergic! I love my cat and she is three and I do not want to give her up. 
  • Cat&SCat&S member
    I have three cuddly boy kitties that sleep with us every night. They have wanted nothing to do with DD since the day she was born. Or any of her stuff...pretty sure they would have to be near death before they would willingly sleep in her bed. I think 99% of cats are probably similar. :smiley:

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  • I had this worry when I was pregnant with my son. Mostly because my cat is kind of a jerk to everyone but DH and I. We did put up all the baby items early and put foil inside the crib/bassinet to discourage him from jumping inside.  But when DS came home none of it mattered.  Kitty loved DS from the moment he came home, but definitely kept his distance for at least a few months. Now they are best friends lol
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