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Weight gain

Did anyone else seem to gain a lot more than expected in the first trimester?

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  • Yes. I am in my second pregnancy and I hear that happens.  Already gained over 10.  First time around I think I only gained 3 and my stomach is quite visible this time around as well.
    Everyone and every pregnancy is different though.
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  • I normally gain too much during first trimester and very little in the third trimester. Just try to control as much as you can and trust that your body will know what to do. If you are gaining an average of more than 1 lb per week you might want to discuss with your doctor. 
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  • I was wondering where everyone else was with this.  This is my second pregnancy and I've gained 2 lbs by week 14... I look like I've gained a lot, but i want keeping a close eye on it bc I'm high risk.  

    I'm also not having ANY cravings... anyone else having that as well? With my son I felt better in the second trimester and had cravings... nothing thus far.  
  •  I was surprised to find out I've yet to gain any weight so far at 18 weeks even though my my belly has grown about 7 inches.  I certainly look like I've put on weight in my abdomen but the scales say differently.  I had no morning sickness so I didn't lose nor gain any weight during my 1st trimester.  
  • I usually end up gaining 50-60lbs by the end of my pregnancy, haha. But I'm considered "under weight" to begin with so it's normal apparently. I didn't gain much in my first trimester with this baby, I was too sick (baby#3, the morning sickness wasn't my friend). But I'm 20 weeks and I've​ gained 19 lbs now. Haha. 
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    At 16 weeks I've gained about 9lbs though it feels like I've gained more. Doctor said my weight gain so far is within the normal range. I don't have a visible bump yet, I just look fat. This is my first pregnancy.
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    Yes. 3kg between w7 and w12 .I was aprox 2-3kg heavier than "normal" or expected at 7 weeks when I saw my GP too so a possible 6kg in first tri.
    (It's close to 13lbs)
    At leas 1kg of this has to be boob they just went nuts (from C to DD by week 8,  had to get new bras they were killing me )

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