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Work: what should I do?

When I came back from maternity leave, I came back to Family Hours. I am considered full-time and have all the benefits but I work less hours from 8:30-2:30pm and took a paycut. I love that it gives me extra time at home with the kids, to do homework, make dinner, etc. My kids are 7,5 & 1 and I'm debating whether to go back to my regular hours in the fall once my DD starts Kindergarten. As it is, I already pay for aftercare but pick them up around 3 or 4-5pm depending if I have errands to run. They recently changed the schedules at work so it's no M-Th from 8 to 5:30pm and F we get out at 3pm. I have mommy guilt just thinking of how long they'll be in school.

I guess I'm just having an internal battle with going back to my longer hours and missing out the kids. There is so much going on during the week that even getting out early doesn't give me enough time. By they time they are in bed, I'm pooped and don't even have the energy to work out ( still have 15lbs to lose but that's a WHOLE other topic). At work, I feel out of the loop sometimes because I miss so much for leaving early and I rarely get to have lunch with my coworkers anymore. I  really do enjoy my job and my coworkers are like family. If I go back to work, I'd be bringing in another $10k annually which would definitely help us breathe a little easier.

What would you do in my shoes? I worry that I'll regret the decision and be overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done at home and miss out on the kids. Sorry for the long post and TIA!

Re: Work: what should I do?

  • I'm a SAHM, and it's something that has been a non-negotiable for me. Before we were married, DH and I were in agreement that I would stay home with the kids. They're only young once. That said, it's not for everyone. Working those reduced hours sounds great. I'd rather be out of the loop at work than out of the loop with my kids.
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    I recently reduced my hours from full time to part time, and I mean super part time! I basically quit my full time position and now work weekends only on an as needed basis, so a few shifts per month. I will have to reapply in the future to get hired back full time. I lost my benefits and gave up my high salary. But it is so worth it! I stay home now with my LO, who is 13 months old now. My DH makes enough to cover our bills, and what I bring in helps us breathe easier. I never intended to not work full time, but I was working midnight shift 11p-7a 5 nights a week, and that schedule was just not working for our little family. We are so much happier now! We have had to cut back some and put some plans on hold for a few years, but again it's worth it to us. Children are only small for a few short years, and I have my whole life to work. 

    I agree with the PP, I would rather miss out on work things than miss out on time with your children. And it sounds like you don't really want to change your hours just yet. Honestly, I wish I could have done something similar and work less hours but not lose my benefits and be able to go back full time when I want. If I were in your position, I would continue working the family hours for a few more years, and return full time once your children are a little older. If you do go back full time and decide it's too hectic, would you be able to go back to family hours? That's something to consider too.
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