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  • @migdala Great response DH!! Her reply made me LOL. 
  • @migdala Oh my word. Props to your DH for standing his ground against that mess. 

  • @migdala big props to your H for sticking with you and telling his mother off. 

    I hope everyone s having a good week start. Havent been on TB a lot lately because..

    TW my body : Dr told me i got BV (asymptomatic) and low papp a hormones as well. 
    TW myself : for some reason that really got me down. And it got me to doubt me "knowing my body"... now i associate every little feeling to BV (paranoid). 
    TW google : everywhere i read about low papp a and BV all i see is "risk of mc" or stuff that make it seem 45 times worse than what the Dr said it actually means. 
  • @ChocolateIsLife I would have to unfollow that friend. 

  • mrs_fogue said:

     I think all of you bragging about finding out the sex in May are TW! ;)  I'll only be 18w4d at my next appointment in May and they won't do the anatomy until after 20 weeks, so I get to wait until my then next appointment which won't be until the end of June! 

    Just catching up on TW Tuesday.  But I am 16 weeks right now and won't have my anatomy scan until June.  I'll be 22-23 weeks.  ::sigh::
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  • Wow @migdala!  Good for you for standing your ground.  It amazes me how some people can be so selfish.  
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  • @aprilsarahjune yay! misery loves company.
  • i am really broken up about how there is no way for me to watch Charlie Hunnam now that SOA is over. so that is a TW.
    Have you seen the preview for the movie King Arthur? This might be old news (I don't have cable), but I just saw the preview for the first time and there are some glorious shirtless Charlie Hunnam scenes so I obviously had to come back here and relay this information. I apologize if this has already been discussed!

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  • No it hasn't! I saw an early preview but I forgot about it! Is it out yet?!
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  • @carries2018 no, not until the middle of May or something like that. I highly suggest the preview that's like 4 minutes long to hold you over

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  • @migdala OMG just caught up on the IL saga.  They are real pieces of work.  I have no words.  Good on you and DH.
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