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Rilynn vs Rylan

Help! :) Can't decide between Rylan or Rilynn. Middle name will be Elizabeth.

My name is Ashlynn so I thought maybe the spelling of Rilynn was nice to match mine; but maybe that's cheesy. 

Thanks in advance! 

Re: Rilynn vs Rylan

  • Between the two I prefer Rylan.  Might be confused with Ryan and blend in with the many Rileys (either spelling
  • Rylan, of the two, but it's a boys' name.
  • I agree with PPs - Rylan is a boy's name and Rilynn looks made up. 
  • Honestly either is just too matchy with your daughters name. Might sound cute when they are little but past 3 not so much

  • I agree that Rylinn looks super made up and Rylan is nms/too masculine (and frankly, pretty made up too). What about Riley Lynn?
  • I like Rilynn actually. I'm a big fan of "ynn" or "yn" names. Rylan seems more masculine to me.
  • I wouldn't pronounce those two names the same. Rilynn I would pronounce more like R'lynn. This is the problem with making up names. 

    I think Lynette as a MN would be a nice tribute to you.
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  • Until you put Rilynn next to Rylan, I read it as Rill-lin and it sounded like Ritalin.
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