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Ok, I have never heard of the term sibset until i joined the Bump and reading through the posts. 

I guess I just don't get this whole sibset thing. What does it matter if names "flow," have the same feel or "sound good together."  Each child is an individual, what does it matter if it is similar in nature?  

I'm not being snarky, just an honest question.  This is the first time I've ever heard if this.  Most people I know name their kids what they feel is right or they like, not if it fits in with a "sibset."  

Im just curious.

Re: "Sibset"

  • MamaWren919 said:koo
    Well, you will probably say/write your kids names together A LOT, so to me it matters if they flow/sound good together. We are expecting our 2nd, and the girl's name we had picked last time just "doesn't go" with our son's name. They're awkward to say together, so we picked something different. I also think it's weird when names are just completely different, like Spurgeon and Henry. Did the same couple name these kids?! I don't like matchy names, but you should have a certain "style" about your choices.
    I just think it's weird to limit names just because they don't "go together."  I may be the minority here, that's fine.

    Like I said it's something I've never heard of before coming here.  I know a lot of families that have named their kids and saying them, they don't flow together, but are strong/good names and fit the kid well. 

    Just my thoughts and perspective/opinion
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  • I agree some people worry too much about how the names flow (same goes for first name middle name sometimes) but I would want to avoid naming siblings names that are too similar in spelling/sound (e.g. Ava and Anna) or too different in style (e.g. Brynlee and Caroline)
  • I completely agree! @3rescuepups
  • Im crazy into the sunset thing but I just wouldn't do super rhymy names. My sister in law named her girls Abby and Addy and even she admits that maybe she didn't think that one through!
  • I don't think I heard the term sib set until I joined The Bump but I was familiar with the concept. I was aware of them matching or not. For example, babysitting for a family with all the kids having first names that start with B, growing up with families that only use biblical names, Irish names, etc. 

    Sure each child is an individual but I'm into my 30s and have been married for 9 years with a different last name  but people still refer to me as "one of the (blank girls): oldest name, middle name, youngest name" so maybe it matters, maybe it doesn't.

    I'm aware of flow not obsessed. With a daughter named Ruby I'm conscious of color and gem names that would maybe sound too corny and I wouldn't name a son named Rudy now. I don't think it's a hard and fast set of rules on how to pick names that flow which is why it may get discussed frequently.
  • NME44NME44 member
    Exactly what @NarrowHouses said. My brother's first two daughters' names rhyme. Then the third doesn't. It makes me a little batty, and seems like poor planning. 

    And i have a son named Nolan and live in Texas. No matter how much I love the name, "Ryan" isn't in the cards for us.
  • agree with @narrowhouses...conscious of but not obsessed with flow. For example, two of my fave girl names are Gabriella and Abigail.  When you say full names, they sounds great together, but Gabby and Abby (I'm big on nicknames and will inevitably call them that...) are ridiculous together IMO.  So i'd probably just pick one or the other if/when we have a girl.
  • I get avoiding names that rhyme or sound too similar because that just makes life confusing and hard while the two kids are living together.  But I do feel like those two+ kids will spend the majority of their lives living separately.  So if one kid's name is Billy and the other is Sierra then I just don't think it's a big deal that they don't "go".
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