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What are you using for face wash?

I usually just use water and sometimes a little apricot oil but its not working too well with all the pregnancy hormones. My face is pretty broken out. Any suggestions?

Re: What are you using for face wash?

  • Coconut oil for makeup removal (I use a washcloth) and homemade tea tree oil/witch hazel toner after. I have pretty bad skin and this has really helped. Coconut oil is anti bacterial as well so it helps with breakouts for me.
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  • Not eco friendly but I use cerave. It is the only wash my sensitive face can handle.
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  • I like the brand Alba for face wash and I follow up with Theyers Witch Hazel toner.


  • Both my TTO and Witch Hazel say not to use while pregnant or breastfeeding.

    I use water, and sometimes mix a (tiny) amount of baking soda with water to use as a scrub.


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    I use Say Yes To Blueberries face wash and/or face wipes. The wipes are super great too if you are too tired to wash your face. Takes like a minute (although the wipes probably aren't very eco...)
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  • I also use honey. Sometimes I'll also use Desert Essence Thoroughly clean face wash, LOVE that stuff. 
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  • I use St Ives apricot scrub. It's not "natural" but it keeps my face looking great so I decided to keep using it. I use coconut oil for moisturizer, though.
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  • I use Ole henriksen that I get at Sephora. I actually use the whole skin care and makeup line. No parabens, or any of that other nasty stuff.
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  • I recently began using Michael Todd True Organics for acne prone skin.  I like how it makes my skin feel.  
  • I use goat's milk soap made from a KC company Indigo Wild. It makes my skin feel amazing and has really helped my complexion.
  • I use Alba botanicals vitamin C face wash.
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  • Lush products are amazing.  I use Fresh Farmacy, Herbalism, Toner water, and Enzymion face lotion. 


  • olii1olii1 member
    Ilike nettle face wash ( produced in Hungary, organic) love it !
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  • I recently switched to Kiss My Face Olive Oil bar soap (Lavender).  I was a little worried my combination skin would start breaking out, but I was pleasantly surprised. The olive oil based soap dissolved dirt and makeup without drying out my skin, and kept my T-zone from overproducing oil.  I do follow up with an OTC sensitive skin astringent, but as soon as it runs out I'm going to give witch hazel a try.  Let's see if it works.
  • I started using Pretty Mommies products (both face wash and skin enhancer) and I really like them! They help to keep my oil in check and my acne has been pretty well managed! I have always been really suceptible to hormone induced acne, but I've only had a few spots and they have been super small.
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  • I second Pretty Mommies. The smell is making me gag right now (it's got sweet orange EO in it...and I don't generally like citrus EOs), but heck if it didn't clear my pizza face. It's a little pricey, so I'll probably go back to my usual coconut oil soap, witch hazel, and rosehip oil routine once my skin has calmed down a little.
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  • I use the oil cleansing method with argan oil (cold pressed, pure and certified, unrefined, dark glad to protect contents from a place like pura d'or) or unrefined, cold press coconut oil like from trader Joe's. Coconut is way cheaper. Argan oil is also good for stretch marks, acne scars, etc. It takes a little bit for your skin to adjust, but works great!
    Look it up from almostexactlyblog.wordpress.com

  • I use a mix of honey and cinnamon to wash, then tone with diluted green tea infused witch hazel, and moisturize with Trader Joe's vitamin E oil.
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    I highly recommend a brand called Affina! They have a 2-in-1 cleaner and toner that really worked for my face. I can help you get your hands on some if you'd like! Definitely like liquid gold!


  • I use Neutrogena Naturals. Not as "green" as some of the products as above, but I have terrible acne (I'm a face toucher) and need something that really cleans. I use kielh's spot treatment for anything really big!
  • Burts bees deep cream cleanser. It has a bit of a tingle to it though so I try to use it only in the mornings or atleast an hour before bedtime.
  • Ava Anderson cleanser. And it smells great!
  • My favorite homemade face scrub is with organic brown sugar and lemon lime and orange juice, (freshly squeezed) with a bit of sea salt.... WORKS WONDERS

    Make a big batch and put it in a sealed tight glass jar. Scrub good rinse with warm water then change to cool water.

    You can also use on your whole body
  • I use BambuEarth skincare products! AMAZING. 
  • I use the norwex body cloth with just water. I also have a homemade bar soap I use once in a while that's got Rosemary in it which is great for acne!
    I have used the honey/coconut oil combination too with good result
  • Pinch of baking soda with water.  I have very little acne.

    Sometimes I pre-clean using oil method, if I'm feeling ambitious.  
  • I used rose castille soap in a foam pump with a nice moisturizing lotion afterwards.
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  • Coconut oil is definitely good choice for makeup removal. Have anyone tried foaming micellar cleanser?
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  • I use Dr. Bronners for pretty much everything around the house, including body and face wash. Then I use a homemade coconut oil/shea butter lotion on my body and face. I rarely wear makeup which also helps keep my face clear.
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