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Time between CS and VBAC

Hi everyone.  I had my little boy at the end of October 2015 via CS due to breech presentation (discovered 27 hours after induction with no progression) and am really hoping for a VBAC for baby #2.  We are hoping to conceive around August/ September this year putting our kids 20ish months apart.  I know my dr prefers a full 2 years between births to consider VBAC but everything I have read says 18+ months is good spacing.  I am currently still breastfeeding and my periods haven't returned (I know that it's not a fool proof method) and we haven't put a goalie in net so are kind of risking it.  I have tried to find stats on rupture for less than 18m and not much shows up.
 How long did you wait?  Does anyone know how much more likely rupture is prior to 18m spacing?  What were your Drs rules for VBAC?  
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Re: Time between CS and VBAC

  • I'm not sure about the likelihood of rupture at 18 months versus 2 years, but my OB does require a full 2 years between deliveries to be allowed to attempt a first VBAC. If you have one successful one, they'll allow a 2nd one with less time between them.

  • My OB says a year between pregnancies and another said 18 - 24months between pregnancies.
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  • My OB was fine with 17.5 months apart. However he prefers 18, and loves 24 months. It's not a deal breaker though. 
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  • My OB requires 18 months. Due with 2nd in October and kids will be 20 months apart. Hoping for successful VBAC!
  • Either a home birth or a c section this time around.  With my 1st they pushed me into an unnecessary induction that ended in a c section after 3 days.  When it gets closer I'll make the decision on what to do.
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  • I only had 12 months and 8 days between. My csection and vbac.


  • My c-section and VBAC were 22 months apart. I don't know if my OB has a "rule" about spacing. I'd ask if 24 months is your doc's "preference" or a hard and fast rule. Personally, I wouldn't time conception around a doctor- I'd find another doctor, if it became necessary.
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  • I would say to ask your dr and see. Mine were 9years apart. My Drs only see patients with 24month gap. My son was 9lbs and was successful vbac. 

    Also my doctors only do it if u have been able to labor on your own 
  • My doctor wants 24 months between the pregnancies. As in my little one should be two years old before I even start thinking about trying.

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  • My ob said don't get pregnant before 9 months sk 9 + 9 = 18 moths. :-)
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