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*lurking* from TTCAL -- questions about Gonal F shots

Hi ladies!  

I am lurking from TTCAL board and met with my RE this morning to discuss the next steps since I am done with Clomid.  I most likely will be moving on to Gonal F injections + HCG trigger + TI -- if that doesn't work after a few rounds, same thing but IUI instead of TI.  Have any of you done this and had success with it?  I am really excited but nervous to take these next steps and I need reassurance from anyone who has had success :)  It was just a lot of info to take in and I think if I can hear the good/positive, I will totally be ok!  Also, is anyone pregnant with multiples?  The nurse stressed how that it is more likely to potentially have multiples.  Thank you!!

Re: *lurking* from TTCAL -- questions about Gonal F shots

  • I did 2 rounds of gonal-f, trigger, TI, then progesterone. They kept me at pretty low doses of everything since I seemed to respond well. (Clomid never worked even when dosage was upped to 150. Plus side effects were awful when I took it!) First month, I had one follicle develop but negative test after I waited the 16 days from trigger. The wait feels like forever and since the trigger will give false positive if done too early, all you can do it wait. Second month, same dosages but 2 follicles developed and even did so 2 days quicker. I cheated and tested after 13 days and got a faint positive...then couldnt help myself and tested every day expecting the negative to show up. But it never did! The progesterone gives same side effects as pregnancy so I always just assumed anything I felt was from that. Its now been another week and I'm still not believing that I'm pregnant. I dont have an ultrasound until next week, so maybe then it will start to sink in. We've just been trying for awhile and I started thinking it would never happen. (Im also over 30 with pcos, but Im not overweight so originally dr's didnt want to diagnose it.) So anyway, I went about responding with a long answer to your question, but this method worked for me when clomid didnt! I dont know if we will have 1 or 2 little ones yet, but they do warn you at your last appointment before you do the trigger if multiples are a possibility. My dr said if 3 or more were possible, we were to wait another month bc the risk is too high. 2 meant it was up to us...so we went for it. Good luck with yours! Just remember different methods works for different people...even different doses, so just be ready to try and see what works for you :) 
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