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Help, need Middle names that start with D

me and my hubby love and are almost dead set on his first name being Killian... Absolutely love the meaning, (fierce) But trying to keep middle and last initial the same as daddys... But finding a D name that sounds good behind Killian is getting harder and harder! Anybody got any input....
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Re: Help, need Middle names that start with D

  • Killian David?
  • Try the baby names board.
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  • Drew
  • I saw Killian is Irish. Here are some fun Irish names and their meanings.

    Dermot- without envy, derived from a mythological warrior
    Donal-  ruler of the world
    Driscoll- descendant of the messenger
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    (Lurking from march '16 but just HAD to comment)

    My sons name is Killian! I love his name more and more each day!! Another translation of it means "little church", which you can tell to placate more conservative family members  :p

    my son shares the same middle name as his dad, but a name we tossed around before settling on that was actually Drake (which means dragon, so the full name translated would be "fierce dragon" which is just way cool)

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