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Going to the dentist

Hello moms, 
After I had my daughter I was shocked to find out that I had 7 cavities when I went to the dentist.  I'd NEVER had a cavity in my life up until this point.  My dentist said that pregnancy and breastfeeding really can take a toll on your teeth.  I had no idea!  I'm about 9 weeks with my second pregnancy.  This time around I'm being super cautious.  When I went to the dentist this week, she said that most insurances are covering an extra cleaning for pregnant women because it's dental health is so important during pregnancy. I'll be able to get a cleaning in each stage of my pregnancy!  Check out your insurance and see if you're able to get an extra cleaning! 

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  • Be warned, gum bleeding is also a pregnancy side effect.  I was shocked at the amount of blood when I went last time. I don't normally have much at all.
  • Yes, I am still newly pregnant, but my gums were bleeding terrible when I got my cleaning last week.  Usually it's very light.  This was a huge surprise!

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  • Mouth sores too.  I had a cleaning at just shy of 8 weeks, and it was excruciating and bloody and the hygenist noticed the sores all over my mouth, she said it's all pregnancy related.  She also mentioned that some insurance companies cover an extra cleaning, as OP said, so I'm looking into it because my gums are iffy to begin with and I don't want to go through worse than what I just did at the end of my pregnancy. 
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