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TWW Friday March 31


Re: TWW Friday March 31

  • Month/Cycle:1/1

    CD / DPO: 24/10

    Timing:-6 , -4, -2, 0

    Testing: trying to wait at least until Monday , really want to  try and wait until I am late Wednesday

    Rant / Rave: feeling kind of blah today cant really pin point why , happy its the weekend though

    CS / Q: nope

    GTKY: what is one thing you CAN NOT sleep without? I need to have the window open when I sleep, its super frustrating when our neighbors are loud and I have to close the window

    @candyapple2012 sorry to hear you are having a awful day , hope you feel better soon

    @elisek-2 sorry about your bfn

  • Tennis11785Tennis11785
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    @ChristmasCookie - Sorry for the drastic decline in weather.  No game, it was a rainout.  But we get to use our tickets at any regular season game (with a couple restrictions that are understandable).  I was a little sad because it was my two favorite teams and they don't play each other very often (I think the last time they were in town was almost a decade ago), but I'm certainly a fan of the hometown team so it will still work out.  Last year we went to like 15 games!  
    @ali_gator11 - it's so early.  If you really are 1 DPO, you'd never turn a test this early.  Even if you're 5 DPO, it would be too early.  I know the urge is strong (trust me, once I peed on a stick before I even ovulated).  ETA - What I thought was a 1 might have been the letter "I".  If so, sorry!  
    @kvacmak - It doesn't bug me, but there were a couple times that I woke up really tangled and concerned....
    @avrilmai - sorry about the trip timing
    @soldiersmom, @candyapple2012, @justkeepswimming8 - my H takes ACV sometimes too.  He said it helped

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    @kariann323 No problem! I just sent you a message with the link along with a TW about their videos.

    @Tennis11785 I'm so sorry you missed such a great opportunity! I hope when you finally get to go, it's a good game!

    @kvacmak Aw man! I hate to hear that. Today's almost over...
  • @ChristmasCookie yeah, I wasn't ever tracking cm before this bc stint (most recently been on for 2.5 years), but it certainly feels like less overall cm and barely any ewcm. In each of these first two months off I had one single ewcm discharge first thing in the morning about 4-5 days before O. Then it's just been watery before O. We'll see if it stays that way or not. Good luck regulating off bc yourself!

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  • @kvacmak - bahaha, that was a question that I asked maybe a month ago and it was wasn't well received! Lesson learned!
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  • @KariAnn323 sounds like you had a great time and Happy Belated Birthday to you! 1 error in 4000 sounds like really great stats to me, yes you are human, if it were me there probably wouldve been a lot more mistakes made lol. We were looking at Seattle, but who knows now. We also talked about Chicago, if it doesn't work out now we will plan for later. 
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