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Boy Name Dilemma

One of our top 2 boy names happens to be the name of my husband's brother and a soon-to-be brother-in-law on my side of the family, as well. We aren't trying to "name" our child after either of them, so is it weird to use the name anyway?? It's one that I really like, and I don't think my son will be thinking about his uncles' names all the time! Thoughts?? 

Re: Boy Name Dilemma

  • I would use an uncle/brother in laws name and I do think it will appear as an honoring especially if it's his uncle on both sides 

  • If you don't want it to be honouring them then it seems a bit weird. I feel like if you use the name  it would seem weird to have to explain to them that you didn't do it to honour them you know ?I wanted to name our daughter Eden if we have a girl with the nickname Edi which I thought was adorable but my husband said no because his grandmother's name is Edie and he's not close with her and did not want family to think that we named her after his grandma.
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  • I personally wouldn't use a name that's already in the family unless I'm using it to honor them, especially if two people have it. I think it would be an automatic assumption. If that bothers you, it would be a no-go for me. 

    Are there any names that are similar that you like?
  • I agree with PPs. You're gonna have to answer some awkward questions and inevitably hurt someone's feelings if you name your child after a family member, without meaning to honor them. It's kind of like saying, "We like the name, but not you."
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  • Way too close of a relative to use the name if it's not to honor them.

    A distant cousin, sure. Your husbands brother, no.

    Whats the name? Asking to know if it's super common or more unique.
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  • I agree with PP. Maybe as a mn, but that still seems like an honor name to me.
  • I say don't do it. While I dont believe in "calling dibs" on a name, it seems pretty rude to take away the option from a sibling to name their own child after themselves. Cousin or friend, bfd. Move on to something else. 
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