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B!tchfest Monday

What has you fired up today?
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Re: B!tchfest Monday

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  • @jsnakehole - RIOT!
    @JJMNO1616 - I hate drivers like that. What is the actual point!? 

    I hate my new regional manager. He just started last month and is pushing us to get these SOPs done, but he literally knows nothing about how 3rd shift works. The entire month has been stupid busy and I haven't had the time to do mine. Plus, we're union employees, so it's not like he can make us. He needs to get his head out of his ass. 
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  • ladystinsonladystinson
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    Beyond my usual I hate where I work (still covering 2 full time positions with no end in sight. oh and still not allowed over time......) My major issue is with FF's period tracker below my chart on the app. This cycle is -O so far and I don't forsee it happening any time soon, temps are up and down alternating days. A few days ago I woke up super hot and it told me I O'd I laughed because I knew better and sure enough, CH's were gone the next day. So here's where my BF comes in, the period tracker at the bottom of the app says I'm 4 days late. No I'm not.... I haven't ovulated and therefore am not late. I feel bad for newbies who find this feature before they really know what's going on because there was a time when I would have been like "time to test because I MUST be KU since I'm late!" 

    come on FF.... you can do better than this....

    ETA: Pic since I have signal now (sorry it's huge)

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    @jsnakehole WTF?!? Not cool! 

    @mschanandlerbong1214 yup. Mine does the same damn thing. I've resorted to gorilla taping it to our towel rack that we don't use that in the shower. It looks super classy. 

    I have a mouse (read: likely mice) in my house. Nuff said. 
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  • @mschanandlerbong1214 We had the randomly falling shower caddy problem. We got a tension one and it's been awesome. 
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  • @soemthingclever that's literally the one we have lol 
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  • @mschanandlerbong1214 Oh no! Lol. Maybe a better quality one... This is just a photo from google. The one we have has never budged even a centimeter. We used to have the one that hangs on your shower head, but it fell ALL THE TIME. We would be woken up in the middle of the night by crashing/banging noises very regularly. 
    SN used to be soemthingclever
    Me: 28 DH: 35
    Dx PCOS May 2015
    Baby #1 due 12/7/17
  • This day can just suck a nut. That is all. 

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  • KatieElKatieEl
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    My neighbors who are planning the world's most invasive remodel and are not taking care of the mouse problem so two different exterminator companies and $2000+ spent has been for basically nothing.  I desperately want to move.

    ETA: We live in a row home, so their problems are literally our problems.
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  • @BreezyBee don't beat yourself up about it , really if your boss has always picked her daughter up from tennis and changed the plans last minute it was just as much her responsibility to remind you to pick her up , how old is the girl you nanny also why te hell did it take a hour for them to call the mother?! Wtf 
  • My office manager is friends with the accounts receivable person who sits in the cubical behind me, they both talk shit about other people in the office all the time and loud enough for me to hear exactly what they are saying , it's unprofessional and just plan rude, plus the accounts payable associate pretends like she  never makes Mistakes ever, she made a mistake last week when the office manager brought it to her attention she seriously said "I never make mistakes " like 5 times , I can't stand people like that 
  • @bean1818 - That is exactly like my co-worker I relieve from 2nd shift. The rest of us take pleasure in finding his mistakes and showing everyone else that works out desk!
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  • Thanks @bean1818 I fell a lot better now but for reals!  She's 10 - how could her teacher just leave her without making sure she was picked up!  She had to find someone to call her mom!  Ugh poor thing.
  • @BreezyBee - OMG, 10?? I can't believe the tennis coach is ALLOWED to leave her alone!
    Me: 29 | DH: 29
    Married 12/2016
    DSS born 01/2016
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  • So my chair now has legs again. 

    Long story short- my rocking chair (which is where I teach from everyday) has a small hole in the wall behind it. I was out for a day this past fall and apparently my sub was a bigger woman and she sat down too hard in the chair and made the hole. I always pull the chair away from the wall so it doesn't touch when I sit, but my cluster teachers come to my room and they don't always remember. I got a note with no signature earlier this year telling me to rearrange my room but a) that didn't come from administration and b) I'm not changing my whole room and confusing my kids. 

    So yesterday afternoon, as my rocking chair still had no legs (I let some kids sit in the chair part as a 'reading nook' during literacy because they were all kind of weirded out by the situation), my friend saw our custodian and asked what happened to my chair. And he laughed and said that I should have moved it when they told me to. So I went straight to my union rep and she went to the principal (who loves our custodians. And any male staff) and lo and behold, my chair was fixed by the end of the day. My Union rep said I should loosen the legs back up and sit in it, fall, and then never work again. 

    I don't care if they thought I should have moved my chair, it was a dumbass prank to do. I'm there to do a job and they totally threw off my entire day. I'm under enough stress as it is. What makes it better (or worse) is that the wife of one of our custodians works there. I'm sure he'd be pissed if they did that to her. 
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  • RVAmom315RVAmom315
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    @BreezyBee That's ridiculous - first I'm sorry that happened and don't beat yourself up, it was an honest mistake.  Second, why in the world would the instructor leave a 10 year old and then not call for an hour?  Hugs. I hope things get settled when you're back tomorrow 

    @jsnakehole How incredibly unprofessional of them.  Really?  Because there's a hole in the wall?  Crazy.  I'm glad you went to the union rep.  I'm pissed for you.  I used to work in a school and I saw what bull went on around there.  Glad it got fixed!
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  • @jsnakehole Jeez, are these guys 10 years old? That's so unprofessional. Good for you for bringing it to the principal's attention. Too bad they didn't get in trouble for being completely ridiculous.

    @bean1818 We have an internal chat program so I and my coworkers can talk shit about others without their knowing. People around us probably wonder why we both break out in laughter at the exact same moment when we haven't been talking....
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