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pregnant again

I gave birth last April and when my child was about 6mth I got pregnant again. Now am getting to my 7th month of pregnancy and my nipples are sore but am still breastfeeding. My son has had a flu for about 3wks now and local women keep telling me its because of my milk that he is sickly. Could there be an effect of my milk to my child?

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  • I don't know if there is any correlation, but it is cold/flu season. Plus your breast milk changes to help baby fight infection. Sorry, I'm no help

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  • I also am pregnant again and my milk supply has all but switched back to colostrum. Does he still ebf or are you working in new foods? We had to switch to formula supplementation just this month. Are you sure he's getting enough fluids? I only ask because our baby was not and stopped gaining weight. 
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