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WTF Wednesday

What's making you say WTF today, ladies?

Me: 28 DH: 29
Married: 6/2016
TTC #1: 12/2016
Benched due to deployment- Off the bench 8/8/17!

Re: WTF Wednesday

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  • @Mrs_Jp - I know someone who could get her a good deal if she wants some new locks, too. ;)

    Me: 35 DH: 28
    TTC since June 2016

    Azoospermia diagnosis (zero count) Dec 2016

    AZFc chromosome microdeletion discovery March 2017
    Unsuccessful TESE for DH in August 2017
    October 2017 IVF with donor sperm
    29R, 24M, 16F, 2d5, 4d6 (6 embryos total)
    Only 3 could have PGS. 2/3 normal. 5 embies frozen
    12/15/17 FET #1 (1 embryo)--CP
    2/7/17 FET #2 (2 embryos)--BFN
    Chronic endometritis diagnosis May 2018
    ERA Sept 2018--borderline receptive--12 more hours of progesterone
    Abnormal SIS Oct 2018
    Repeat hysteroscopy Nov 1. Treated recurring endometritis.
    12/4/18 FET #3 (2 embryos)--BFN
    Our journey has come to an end.
    ~*~*~Nevertheless, she persisted~*~*~
  • So my mom just called me and I haven't talked to her recently. Apparently my sister told her I had "news" (because we just bought a house) but of course she calls and is like "are you pregnant!?"  :| I've been telling all my friends and family we aren't even trying yet. Not trying = not pregnant people. 
    Me: 31yo DH: 38yo
    Married: 07/16/16
    TTC #1: 04/17
    BFP: 8/1/17 EDD: 4/16/18
  • stillclever17stillclever17
    500 Love Its 100 Comments Second Anniversary Name Dropper
    edited March 2017
    WTF to everyone and everything. My anxiety is through the roof right now with so much going on. Work is especially stupid. 

    @Mrs_Jp  Wouldn't installing a sun roof require waiting as well? Why not just wait for the car with the sun roof? Seems like she didn't think that through. 

    Edit- tagged the wrong person. 

    SN used to be soemthingclever
    Me: 28 DH: 35
    Dx PCOS May 2015
    Baby #1 due 12/7/17
  • I live in an attached house. The house to our left is being renovated. Last night there was pounding coming from there at 11:30 PM. My dog flipped out and kept me up all night. About ten minutes ago they were blasting music and are still doing work on the house (despite not being allowed to last 6:30). When I went outside to ask if they were playing music, since I couldn't hear my TV over it, they told me they weren't. 

    W. T. F. I can hear it. I have a sneaking suspicion that it's because I'm a woman confronting them that they were being snotty. I'm giving them until 8:30 and then I'm calling 311. 
    Me: 28 DH: 29
    Married: 6/2016
    TTC #1: 12/2016
    Benched due to deployment- Off the bench 8/8/17!

  • @jsnakehole Omg I feel you - I also live in an attached house and I can hear everything my neighbors do. And I mean everything. I can't even imagine dealing with them going through a construction project!  Stay cool, girl!
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